Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Dog Guard different?

We believe Dog Guard has the most effective—and the most flexible—electronic fencing system on the market, but our people are just as important.

We are family-owned, with pets of our own, so we understand how important your pets are to you. And thanks to our network of dealers across the country, you’ll be working with someone who is part of your community, someone who can provide support from installation to training and beyond.

Will a correction hurt my dog?

Corrections only occur when your pet attempts to pass the boundary—with proper training, they are rare. While they are unpleasant in order to deter your dog from straying, they are not harmful. And you can select from different settings to find the right level for your dog.

How much does a Dog Guard system cost?

The cost of a Dog Guard system depends on several factors, such as the number of dogs that will be on the system and the size of the property. Your local dealer will evaluate your property and needs before providing you with a written estimate.

Does it come with a warranty or guarantee?

Yes, the Dog Guard electronic fence system includes a money-back guarantee against containment failures. In addition, receivers and transmitters also come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Does Dog Guard work in big yards?

A Dog Guard system can cover up to 50 acres.

How do I know if the system is working properly?

Our main (outdoor) transmitter features lights to indicate the system is operational, along with an audible alarm to alert you if there is a problem such as a power surge or line break.

Ready to give your pet the freedom they deserve?

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