Protect your pet and your stuff

Does your dog love to jump on your expensive furniture? Dig around in the garbage? Chew on shoes and other things they find in the closet?

Indoor Dog Fence Solutions

Just as Dog Guard underground fencing helps keep your pet safe outside, our indoor transmitter can help keep your stuff safe. It also can prevent your pet from escaping your home, which can be vital for pet owners in apartments, condos, and other residences where an outdoor system isn’t practical or possible.

Our Solution

Dog Guard T-4 Transmitter

About the RT-2 Transmitter

This small, versatile device can be used anywhere inside your home, including garages and basements—and it’s portable, so you can take it when you travel with your pet. You can set it up to restrict access to a room, protect an exit, or block off a specific area within a space.

Just like our outdoor electronic fences, our indoor system sends a stimulating correction when your dog nears the boundary you’ve set. This is a warning to turn back. If your pet continues, the receiver automatically sends a stronger correction.

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The perfect addition to an outdoor system

If you’ve already got an underground Dog Guard fence (or you’re having one installed), it might even be possible for your dealer or installer to set up indoor boundaries using that transmitter, depending on your needs. You won’t need to switch your pet’s collar or receiver—they work with both indoor and outdoor systems.

To learn more, download our RT-2 product sheet or contact your local Dog Guard dealer.

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