Dog Guard for cats? Yes!

Dog Guard systems aren’t just for dogs! Cats love to explore, and while their curious nature is part of what makes them such great pets, that curiosity can lead them into places where they aren’t supposed to go.

Wireless Cat Fences

Our electronic fences, both indoors and out, are very effective at protecting cats—whether you want to keep them from leaving your yard, make sure they don’t escape from the house, or protect furniture and other items in your home.

Cat sitting in grass

How it Works

For both indoor and outdoor electronic fences, your cat wears a special collar with a small receiver—when it nears the boundary you’ve set, our transmitter sends a stimulating correction as a warning. If they continue, the cat receives a stronger (but still harmless) correction.

Outdoor boundaries are set with an underground wire installed by your local Dog Guard dealer and a transmitter typically placed in the garage or basement. Indoor systems use a portable transmitter that requires no wires for the boundary. Both systems can be used with a cat and dog in the same house, too!

For more detail about how our systems work, visit our pages for outdoor and indoor fences.

Special Considerations for Cats

We all know that cats and dogs are very different—and while Dog Guard systems are effective for both, there are a few particular things to note for cats.

Have a jumper?

For outdoor systems it’s important to prevent cats from accessing tall objects near the boundary—otherwise, they could climb high enough above the wire that they can jump over the boundary without receiving a correction.

Have an escape artist?

Many cat owners use Dog Guard’s indoor transmitter to block a door to the outside; every owner of an indoor cat knows how stressful it can be when one escapes the house!

Have an explorer?

As natural hunters, many cats love to be outside—and safety-minded owners can feel guilty if they don’t let their cat explore. A Dog Guard fence gives your cat the freedom to roam around in your yard freely, and safely.

Have a scratcher?

Even cats that don’t want to go outside can pose challenges inside—and a Dog Guard indoor system can help protect your furniture and other items from cat scratches.

Be sure to let your local Dog Guard dealer know before installation if a cat will be using the system—they can walk you through your options and design solutions for your unique needs!

Ready to give your pet the freedom they deserve?

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