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DOG GUARD Out of Sight Transmitters

Dog Guard offers different types of transmitters that are designed for outdoor and indoor uses. The transmitters are listed below:

T-4T-4 – Standard transmitter for large areas
The T-4 transmitter features user-friendly lights to let you know that the transmitter is working properly or an audible sound when there is a problem with the signal field.


RT-2 transmitterRT-2 – Small/versatile for indoor use
The RT-2 room transmitter is a small/versatile device that is designed for containing or restraining pets in or from designated areas inside the home.



Dog Guard offers Four different types of Receivers that are designed to contain small to large-sized dogs. The Four receivers are listed below:

dsc_0502-u515-frXT – for “medium to stubborn and tough to train” dogs
The XT receiver is designed to handle the “medium to stubborn and tough-to-train” dogs. It works well with dogs that are runners such as Huskies, Labs and hunting dogs.


dsc_0517-u1310-fr5000 – for “small, timid, passive and up to medium sized” dogs
The 5000 receiver is designed to handle “small, timid, passive and up to medium sized” dogs. (10 to 65 pounds)


microMicro – for “tiny pets” weighing 1 to 10 pounds
The Micro receiver is designed to contain “tiny pets” weighing 1 to 10 pounds.


Mini Rechargeable
dsc_0517-u1310-frMini Rechargeable – for “tiny pets” weighing 1 to 10 pounds
The Mini Rechargeable receiver has a rechargeable battery and is designed to contain “tiny pets” weighing 1 to 10 pounds.




Micro Button Battery

Keep your dog safe at home with fresh batteries every 3-4 months


Surge Protector
surge_protectorProtect or Disconnect Circuitry – automatically disconnects the transmitter in case of a rare catastrophic surge or direct lightning strike. Protects against normal AC power surges and lightning.Space Saving Design – low profile and better balance and stability.
Power Indicator Light – easy to see that power is on.
Reduces the Risk of System Failure – your pet will continue to be contained.
Better Loop Connectors – easier to attach the loop wires to the unit.
Increased Surge Current Ratings – protector has a larger capacity to dissipate surges. (fig. not actual size) Click for PDF of all Accessories


Newest Line Of Chew Protectors
Chew Protectors
Easy snap on, slide off design, sleeker fit and H.D. Polymer material makes the NEW chew protector tougher and protects the receiver from dog chews, rub-throughs and other damage.
Save yourself aggravation, downtime and money by using chew protectors on your receivers.


Remote Strips
Remote Strips are designed for those hard to contain pets. They do not increase the stimulation that the pet receives; but spreads the stimulation out to the neck and ear area of the pet.