What is DOG GUARD?
Dog Guard is an underground fence system used to keep a dog safe in his yard.

How does it work?
First, a transmitter is installed in a convenient location, usually in the garage. Then a wire is placed underground around the outside edge of a customer’s property. The transmitter sends a harmless radio signal through the wire to a small receiver worn on the dog’s collar. As the dog nears the wire, the receiver picks up the signal and gives off an audible warning in conjunction with a mild correction. Both the pet owner and the Dog Guard distributor help the dog to learn that he is to stop or turn around before the warning.

Can a dog on the DOG GUARD system be taken for a walk?
Yes! Once the dog is trained or conditioned to the system he can be taken outside the yard as usual. The Dog Guard receiver collar must be taken off before putting a leash on.

How much does DOG GUARD cost?
Dog Guard costs much less than traditional fencing, and has none of the maintenance or aesthetic problems. The price depends on how many dogs a customer owns and property size.

How do pet owners teach their dogs to heed the warning?
As a Dog Guard Distributor, you will help the pet owner train his or her dog. The boundary is marked with flags that give a visible line for the pet. For seven to ten days, the pet owner should spend ten to fifteen minutes walking the dog around the flag line and firmly telling him, “NO!” If the dog moves toward the flags, he should be told “NO!” and be taken back toward the center of the yard and given lots of praise. In this manner, he will quickly learn where the boundary is.

Does the correction hurt a dog?
No! The correction has been thoroughly tested and proven to be harmless. It is a mild static pulsation similar to a shock from a doorknob.

*DOG GUARD® Out-Of-Sight Fencing® is a trademark of Sunward Electronics® and should not be confused with Invisible Fence® (InvisibleFence®). Invisible Fence® and Invisible Fencing® are registered trademarks of Invisible Fence Company.