Pet Owner FAQ: What to Know About Safe, Electronic Pet Fencing Systems

The purpose of purchasing a fencing system is to ensure the safety of one’s pet by keeping them from venturing beyond an area that is safe. Naturally, as a pet owner, you’ll want to choose a system that will not only accomplish that goal but also do so efficiently and effectively, without causing your pet any injury or pain. To that end, you’ll likely have some questions about Dog Guard before you make a commitment to buy. Here on our frequently asked questions page, you’ll find answers to some of the more popular questions that can aid you in your decision to purchase our products.

I am unfamiliar with DOG GUARD: What exactly do you sell and how does it work?

Dog Guard is basically a concealed, wireless fencing system. We call this an electronic dog fence system, and it is used to prevent dogs from going beyond predetermined boundaries on one’s property. We erect this electronic fence by installing a wire beneath the ground and running it along the perimeter of the area that is to be enclosed. Because the wire is underground, it is not visible and won’t hinder the movement of any human member of the family. A transmitter, which will be located on the property, interacts with the wire by sending a signal to it. Dogs on the property are fit with a receiver that picks up that signal when the animal gets too close to the property’s boundaries. Depending on how close the dog gets to the actual placement of the underground wire, correction is given via the receiver.

Does a DOG GUARD fence come with a warranty or guarantee?

Yes, it does. When you purchase the Dog Guard electronic fence system, you will receive our money-back guarantee. In addition, the receiver also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

How expensive is the DOG GUARD system?

The cost depends on several factors, such as the number of dogs that will be on the system and the size of the property, for example. This will require a consultation with one of our Dog Guard dealers. The dealers will make an assessment of your property and needs and can provide you with a written estimate. It is important that customers know that there are no middle-man costs, as our dealers work with the manufacturer. This helps us keep the costs lower for our customers.

How often does the system correct my dog, and will it hurt them?

Dog Guard is a pet-safe dog fence that is designed to prevent a pet from passing certain boundaries. Correction will only occur when the animal attempts to pass these boundaries. Because your pet will be properly trained, the need for correction will be minimal, often no more than two or three times. The system is not designed to hurt a dog, but it will produce a static pulse that is mild, yet unpleasant and enough of a deterrent that the dog won’t want to cross the barrier.

How exactly does training work?

The most effective way to train a dog on this system is through repetitive training. This will involve interaction with the dog and creating a boundary that the animal can clearly see. This is typically done with flags that are used to mark where the boundaries are in terms of where the dog can and cannot go. We advise the dog’s owner to acquaint the animal with this flagged boundary by taking daily walks around the barrier in two separate 15-minute intervals. The animal should be given a firm “No” when it approaches the flags and be given positive reinforcement, such as praise or a treat, when it stops short of them and moves away. Continuing this process will enforce that the area is off-limits until the dog instinctively does not approach the boundaries of the system. Because the flags are for training purposes, they can be removed once training has been successfully completed.

Is it possible to take my dog beyond the fence?

After removing the receiver collar, which is a part of the system, it is absolutely safe to take your dog for a walk beyond the boundaries of your electronic pet-fencing system. For best results, it is better to complete the training prior to going outside of the boundaries.

Is there a way to tell if the system is functioning properly?

The pet-safe wireless dog fence is designed to alert you to failures in the system. On the transmitter, there is a red, a green, and a yellow light, much like traffic lights. When the computer is functioning properly, the red and green lights only will be illuminated. In the event of an electrical surge or damage from lightning, the yellow light will illuminate; otherwise, it will remain off. Depending on the transmitter, there may or may not be a sound that signals you in the event of a signal field problem.

How do I know that DOG GUARD is better than other systems?

While only you can determine what is “better” for you, we believe that our electronic pet-fencing system is the best on the market. A few of the facts as to why we know our product is the best you can buy include the fact that as much as 50 acres may be enclosed by our out-of-sight system. We also currently have the market’s most powerful receiver in the DG 9 XT. It is not only powerful, but it is also adjustable so that the correction can be modified by 75 percent or more. In addition to having the strongest receiver, we also have the smallest receiver as well. The DG Micro Receiver weighs approximately 2 ounces and is ideal for homes with small dogs. It may even be used on cats! Our receivers are waterproof, and the system itself is made to be as user-friendly as possible, as it is designed to allow you to make adjustment in terms of range.

Where are DOG GUARD products made?

All the Dog Guard equipment, including receivers and transmitters, is made in the U.S.

I can purchase a system like this at a pet or big-box store: What makes yours different?

When you purchase a pet-safe wireless dog fence from Dog Guard, you are getting not only the system but also full service. We do the underground installation for you using underground-rated wiring. Systems purchased at big-box stores or pet stores are kits that require the consumer to do the work themselves. Unlike these systems, Dog Guard is truly a pet-safe one in that it does not unnecessarily correct the animal as a result of stray signals, as can happen with inferior systems. Finally, a Dog Guard pet-safe dog fence system will have a much better warranty than other systems.

Does your system work with all dogs, and is there a limit on how many dogs can be on the system?

A dog’s ability to be trained varies and depends entirely on the animal. Some may take longer than others, while in some instances, an animal may not be capable of being trained. As many dogs as can fit in a 50-acre area may successfully be on the system.

Will a power failure affect the system?

The system requires a power source to operate. Adding a battery backup will provide additional hours of power to the system. Our customers have the option to buy a battery backup.

Why should I trust my dog’s safety to DOG GUARD?

There’s a good reason to buy and trust Dog Guard, and that boils down to dedication, caring, and training. Everyone in the company, from our technicians to our dealers, is knowledgeable and well-trained. We are dedicated to being there for you to provide you with the help and support that you need when you need it. We also make it easy for you to contact us either by calling our toll-free number or by completing our online form.

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