What Do I Do If:
My Dog Guard System is Not Working:
See “Checking Your System” & “Checking Your Receiver Collar”

My Pet is Leaving the Yard:
See “Is Your Pet Leaving the Yard”

My Wire Is/May Be Cut:
Call our office



Check your T-4 Transmitter
GREEN LIGHT – (Power) This should be ON, indicating there is power to the system…If the green light is NOT ON, check the unit’s on/off switch, making certain that it is in the ON position.

1) Check to ensure the power cord is plugged into the outlet.
2) Check to ensure the power cord is plugged into the transmitter itself.
3) Check the outlet with a known working device to make sure the outlet is working properly. If the green light will not activate, call your local dealer.

RED LIGHT – (Loop) This light should be ON, indicating your loop is intact, (no breaks) and the system is operating properly. If the red light is NOT ON, you should be hearing the audible alarm sounding (providing your green light is on).

1) Turn the unit to OFF position for 10 seconds and then back on.
2) Check the loop wires (twisted wires) to make sure they are still attached to the transmitter and that none are loose.
3) Take note of ANY digging, landscaping or other construction outside in the areas where wires could be. If you do find a break and feel comfortable repairing it yourself, we can mail you a splice kit. If you are unable to find the wire break or would rather have a technician repair it, call your local dealer and schedule a service call.

YELLOW LIGHT – (Fault) This light should be OFF. If the yellow light is ON, it sometimes will be accompanied by an audible alarm. A yellow light indicates the system is not functioning (possibly due to a power surge, lightning strike or a component in the transmitter has failed).

1) Turn the unit to the OFF position for 10 seconds and then back on.
2) If the yellow light is still on, call your local dealer to have your transmitter checked out.

 Dealers will charge a fee for onsite service calls

Is Your Pet Leaving the Yard?
If your dog leaves the property even once, you should follow this check list before calling our office:
1) Check to ensure the receiver collar is on snug – this is the #1 reason why dogs will leave the property. If the receiver is not properly on the pet, the antenna may not be picking up the signal, allowing the pet to leave the yard. It is also the #1 reason why the batteries do not last long. The pet’s fur is absorbing the correction, but the pet is not being corrected which results in drained batteries.

2) Check the light scheme on your transmitter to be sure the correct lights are lit and there is NO alarm sounding.
3) Check that the battery has been replaced recently and that it is installed + side UP in the receiver collar.
4) Take the receiver collar outside and test it at the wire. You should hear the tone 2 to 3 feet before the wire.
5) If you have an extra battery, try replacing the battery.
6) If the receiver collar works in one place, it is working on the whole property. By the same token, if the receiver is not working in one spot, it is not working anywhere.
7) If everything appears to be normal and working, you may need to raise the correction level or call or e-mail your local dealer

Do not allow your pet to leave the property more than twice
before calling our office!

Checking the Receiver Collar

The only way to be certain your system is working properly is by checking the receiver collar. If everything appears to be normal at the transmitter, you can check the receiver collar outside at the line, usually in the driveway.

32Take the receiver collar off your pet, snap the buckle together and hold the collar by the snapped buckle. Let the receiver hang down (as if the dog were in it) about knee high, yellow or blue sticker forward or up with posts closest to the rear. You should start hearing the tone 2 to 3 feet before the wire. If you have to get closer than that, you may have to turn up the range control on the transmitter.

If you still do not get any signal, take the battery out for 30 seconds and replace it (+ positive side up) and try again. If still no signal, check when the battery was last replaced. If still no results, check the receiver at the face of the transmitter. If it beeps at the transmitter but not in the yard, call your local dealer.

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