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As part of the Dog Guard family, you have the opportunity to RECEIVE FREE BATTERIES FOR ANY REFERRAL that you send to us which results in an installation.

Here’s how it works:
Should any referrals you send to us result in the purchase of a fully installed system, you will be eligible for a one year supply of batteries for 1 dog. It’s that simple. There’s no limit on how many times you receive this offer. You may never have to buy batteries for your system! We have quite a few clients who have not had to buy batteries in 4 or 5 years.

This is our way of thanking you for choosing Dog Guard and for being our valued customer. So remember – tell a friend about Dog Guard and make sure they mention your name.


Garden and Pool Loops
Splices, flags and training are included with all loops
Small Loop (up to 25’)
Medium Loop (25’-50’)
Large Loop (50’-100’)
Extra Large Loop (100’-150’)
Call for pricing


Are your pets getting in the garbage, kitty litter boxes, getting up on tables, furniture or counter tops? We can help!

We can keep your pets out of, away from or off of anything in your home, basement or garage.

We can confine them to or keep them out of, any room in your home. The possibilities are endless.

Indoor Installations:
Here are the services that we offer for indoor installations (Call for pricing):
• Indoor transmitter installation for customers with existing outdoor transmitters and receiver collars.
• Wireless indoor transmitters with setup and training (with no extra loops).
• Indoor Transmitter with 1 loop or doorway, set up & training (uses additional transmitter, allowing outside loop to act as one system and         indoor loop as a separate system.)
• Using customer’s transmitter for indoor loops.

*Transmitter needs to be mounted in close proximity to indoor loops and is wired off
customer’s existing transmitter.

Indoor Options:

33We can run loops throughout your home for most any problem, or we have a self contained unit (which can be moved anywhere in the home,
basement or garage) to keep your pet out of the garbage, off furniture or out of certain rooms. Please call for details.


Over The Phone and Service Calls

We provide services to troubleshoot equipment, repair, replace, reconfigure or relocate your Dog Guard Fence system. There is a charge for these services if we come on site (see below). If you prefer, we can also send you the wire, splice kits, etc. to do it yourself.

If you do have any problems and you’ve gone over the manual but cannot resolve it, we will be happy to try and troubleshoot your system over the phone at no charge, if at all possible.

There is a minimum trip charge for a service call to your home for wire breaks, troubleshooting, etc. This trip charge does not include materials and will vary depending on the time on the job.

Most service calls are less than ½ hour and will require very little in materials for wire breaks or system troubleshooting.

System reconfigurations will be charged by the hour plus service call and materials (call for estimates).

  • If you are planning any digging, construction, planting or aeration, please call our office first. We will come to your home and mark out your fence to avoid any problems.
    Service Calls
    Service calls (per hour)
    Complete wire reinstall (includes flags, splices and on driveway cut)
    Replacement of sections of wire
    Loop wire (per foot)
    Twisted pair (per foot)
    New driveway cuts
    Driveway recuts
    New Walkway cuts
    Walkway recuts
    Gravel driveway crossings (includes PVC piping)
    Call for pricing
  • Parts and Accessories
    Receivers (with all accessories)
    AC Adaptors
    Receiver collars (any size)
    Training leashes
    Posts (long or short)
    Battery caps
    Flags (Bundle of 100)
    Remote strips
    Dog Guard Surge Protector
    Lightning trap coils
    Wire break splices
    Wire break repair kits
    Wire – 500’ spool
    Call your local dealer or our office for pricing

Locating Service
If we come out to mark out your fence prior to any digging, we will need at least a 1 week notice for this service if possible.

Thank You!

If your system is not working properly, call us immediately. Many times we can assist you over the phone without having to make a service call. Check your system frequently and keep fresh batteries in your pet’s receiver collar.

Remember – you can get FREE batteries just by recommending us to friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers.
Thanks again for purchasing the Dog Guard System.
Call your local dealer or our office for pricing.

Please call with any questions. We are here to help.

Download Customer Manual (PDF)

*DOG GUARD® Out-Of-Sight Fencing® is a trademark of Sunward Electronics® and should not be confused with Invisible Fence® (InvisibleFence®). Invisible Fence® and Invisible Fencing® are registered trademarks of Invisible Fence Company.