Your Pets This Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and while it can bring loads of fun, excitement, and adorable pup costumes, many dangers can arise for your furry friends. While setting up Halloween decorations, trick-or-treating, or going to a party, it's important to pay attention to how you can keep your dog safe and comfortable. Here, we have a few precautions you can take to ensure that your pet remains safe through this season and enjoys a happy Halloween.

Cover The Candies

Any chocolate is toxic to dogs. While it may not be fatal, it is still best to avoid feeding it to your dog as it can cause terrible sickness and vomiting. There are a few candies out there that are "safe" for dogs to consume, but again, try to avoid giving lots of treats to your pet; overeating can lead to sickness and discomfort. Not only should you not intentionally feed your pet any candies, but keep the treats—and even their wrappers—away altogether. Dogs can sniff out just about anything, including paper and plastic wrappers that recently had candy in them. If your canine companion is whimpering for a spooky snack, give them one of their standard dog treats instead.

Decor Danger

It can be loads of fun for the whole family to deck out your porch, yard, and even the inside of your home for Halloween. However, there are quite a few dangers that can arise for pets. Candles, wires, netting, and even pumpkins or corn can harm your dog. Candles and Jack O'Lanterns are fun, but when left with a rowdy dog, they can be knocked over and start a fire. Instead, keep your candles and lanterns out of reach from your pup and even consider putting tea lights inside your Jack O'Lanterns rather than real fire. As for lighting and any wires, it's best to keep them away from pets or even opt for battery-powered decorations. Your pet can nibble on wires or get tangled in the wiring and any decorations with netting, cloth, rope, etc. Of course your pets will be curious over any new items in your home; they may want to inspect (taste, chew, paw) decor. Again, make sure your seasonal ornamentations are safe and secure.

Careful With Costumes

There's no doubt that pet costumes are some of the cutest parts of any holiday. Yet, there are still necessary measures to ensure that your pet is comfortable and safe while looking totally adorable. First and foremost, it's important to make sure that your pet wants to wear a costume and won't fuss about it or become stressed or annoyed. Let your pet try on the outfit beforehand, and if they show any signs of discomfort or abnormal reactions, try opting for a simple bandana or collar. Particularly, if you plan on trick-or-treating with your pet, ensure that the costume of choice is breathable and non-restrictive. While dressing your pup as a mummy may be cute, they still need to be able to see, breathe, and bark. Also, ensure that there are no dangling pieces or loops on the costume that can get stuck on anything or become a hazardous chew toy for your pup.

Spot Stress

It's easy to get so caught up in your excitement and fun and not even notice if your furry little friend is wrestling with anxiety. Automatic decorations or decorations that make loud, spooky noises can scare your pup, who doesn't understand that these aren't real. Anything—from trick-or-treating visitors to dramatic decorations—that disrupts your pet's normal routine can cause stress. Unless your dog is uber-social and loves all visitors and is desensitized to loud noises, keep your furry friend in another room while greeting trick-or-treaters. This can also come in handy to make certain that your pup will not dart out of the door as soon as you open it. Just in case, also make sure your dog is wearing his Dog Guard® receiver and that the collar is secure.

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If Halloween is your favorite holiday, there is no doubt that you will find fun and excitement this year, but remember to keep an eye on your furry friend and ensure that they're safe and comfortable, too. Dog Guard wishes you and your pets a safe, happy, and spooky Halloween!