Wireless Fence for Large Dogs

If you are the proud owner of a big dog, it’s likely that you’ll do whatever you can to protect it and keep it safe. It’s always nice to be able to offer your dog plenty of room to roam and get some exercise, but it can be dangerous to let your dog outside without confining it to your yard. If your dog were free to wander your neighborhood and beyond, it would face all kinds of dangers, from fast-moving cars to hunters to attacks from wild animals. If your dog is brought to a shelter, after a time, it could be euthanized. Traditional fencing can be effective in containing pets, but it can also be unsightly and closes your yard off from its surroundings. In addition, it’s often prohibitively expensive, especially when you take into account the cost of maintenance. Therefore, to contain your pet, you may want to buy an electric fence for large dogs like our Dog Guard out-of-sight underground fencing. All Dog Guard products are effective and veterinarian-approved.

Our wireless fences for large dogs consist in part of a transmitter, which is placed somewhere in or on your home, usually in the garage or in the basement, and a receiver, located on a special collar for your dog. Each Dog Guard transmitter can successfully contain your dog in an area of up to 50 acres. The transmitter communicates with the receiver on your dog’s collar by sending a digital radio signal through a wire, which can be buried underground along the perimeter of your property. When your dog approaches the barrier, it will receive a warning stimulus. If it gets too close to the barrier, it will receive a mildly unpleasant static pulse to correct its behavior. The correction is harmless but strong enough to discourage it from crossing the hidden fence. At Dog Guard, we can work with you to train your dog so that it quickly becomes familiar with the boundaries of its safe play area.

Wireless fences for large dogs have several advantages over traditional fences. For one thing, a traditional aluminum, vinyl, chain-link, or wooden fence can be an eyesore. It can make your yard look smaller and feel more isolated from its surroundings. Traditional fencing is also exposed to weather conditions that can damage it, meaning you’ll have to spend money on repairs. In the case of wooden fences, the frequent need for painting can also place a financial burden on homeowners. Certain larger dog breeds have been known to climb fences or jump over them to escape. An electric fence for large dogs is considerably cheaper and has the aesthetic advantage of leaving your yard open while still protecting your pet.

If your pet’s safety is really important to you, you’ll want the best electric fence for large dogs available. People choose Dog Guard out-of-sight underground fencing over competing brands for many different reasons. We offer a complete package, including installation and training for your dog to familiarize it with its new boundaries. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are comfortable with the system and that your dog is safe and contained. Dog Guard understands how important your dog is to you, and people appreciate the care we take with their pets. We also offer a money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on the receiver. The wire our system uses to establish boundaries is built to last when buried underground, and our smart digital radio signals ensure that your dog won’t receive unnecessary corrections. Our underground fencing works just as well if you own more than one big dog; one Dog Guard system is capable of containing just about any number of pets.

Our receivers are designed to deliver a static pulse strong enough to effectively dissuade your dog from trying to escape your yard. Large and stubborn dogs may require a stronger receiver, and our DG 9 XT receiver is the most powerful receiver on the market today. Of course, the correction can still be reduced, by more than 75% if necessary. If you’d like to purchase the best wireless fence for large dogs, you’d do well to choose Dog Guard out-of-sight underground fencing.