Walking Does Wonders!

When your pets have freedom to run in the yard with a Dog Guard® fence, you may be tempted to minimize the amount of walks you take together. However, walking your dog isn't just about exercise. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of walks as well as some tips on dog walking.

Benefits of Walking Your Dog

  • New sights and smells! Improve your canine companion's senses by taking him on a daily walk. Your pet can get bored of the same smells, noises, and materials in your yard. A walk allows your dog to experience new things, which optimizes his sensory experience. This helps your dog to be confident and calm around new smells, sounds, and sights. And, it's just simply enjoyable for him!
  • Socialization! Many say that the #1 reason they take daily walks with their dogs is to socialize. You not only meet neighbors, but your dog will meet new people and other dogs as well. This is an important step in your dog's development. You want your dog to be friendly and get used to other dogs and humans. Consistent walking allows an extra opportunity to instill great doggy manners and provides a chance to meet new pets and people.
  • Healthy digestion! According to VCA Hospitals, consistent walks improve your dog's digestive and urinary health. Dogs thrive on set routines. Getting them "to go" on a schedule provides your pet with an opportunity to relieve himself consistently and on a predictable timer.
  • Nail and pad wellness! Walking your furry friend consistently will toughen up those foot pads, creating extra protection which can prevent future discomfort. Additionally, the road can help file and maintain your pet's nails!

Dog Walking Tips

  • Have a puller? The biggest complaint of dog walkers is the pulling and lunging that can happen. Ideally, the leash should be loosely at your side with your dog in step with you. Walking your dog consistently helps with this, as long as you are repeatedly correcting and praising your dog appropriately. You also need the best leash to assist you, and we have it here! Dog Guard® No-Pull Leash is proven to provide comfort and ease and is for dogs of all sizes and energy levels. We have incorporated a "PULL NO MORE" harness for the walker to control the dog, and not the other way around.
  • Consistency is key! You want your dog to get used to going on walks for all the reasons stated above and more! Set a time aside to take your dog out, even for a little stroll. Some pet owners prefer to walk early in the morning, some at night, while others take multiple walks per day.
  • Venture out! Tired of the neighborhood? Take your dog to a local dog-friendly park or hiking area. Your dog will surely enjoy a change of scenery, and it will help expose him to new things.
  • Bag it up! Don't forget the baggies for when your dog does his business on your walk. And, if you are going for a long or extra hot walk, bring a bit of water for your furry friend!

Reach Out!

Remember that you can always reach out to us any time for training help and tips. Our number one priority is your satisfaction.