The Importance of Dog Collars

Dog collars are extremely important because they keep your dog safe and secure. A collar usually contains a pet identification tag that displays the dog’s name, address, and owner contact information. Collars also help owners control their dogs by providing a place for a leash to be safely attached. There are many different types of dog collars to fit your specific needs. Buckle collars are designed to protect dogs from accidental strangulation in case the collar gets caught on something. Choke collars are used to keep unruly dogs under control, while harness collars are a great way to evenly distribute pressure along the weight of the dog to help guide them while walking. Controlling collars, such as a dog boundary collar, help to keep your dog within a specific area. A dog perimeter collar is a great way to keep your dog safely contained in your yard.

Using a Dog Boundary Collar

Many owners believe that the best and most effective way to keep a dog or cat safely contained within their yard is to use an underground wireless electric fence. These fences are placed out of sight and require a specific kind of dog electric fence collar to keep the pet contained. When shopping for a dog perimeter collar, customers can choose from low or high-powered systems that produce an audible warning signal or send a warning stimulus through the collar. For wireless fence enthusiasts, the Dog Guard T4 offers 32 levels of stimulation from which to choose.

Ordering With Us

Our collars come in many sizes, including Cat, XSM, SM, MED, LG, and XLG. They are available for purchase in red, hot pink, blue, black, green, or purple. Each collar features quick release clasps. If you would like to buy a dog perimeter collar, you have two choices: the Dog Guard T4 or the Dog Guard T5. A pet collar for wireless fence transmitters includes many stimulus settings to help you choose the correct one for your dog or cat. A dog electric fence collar is a great way to create a safe play area for your pet.