Steps for Maintaining a Dog-Friendly Home

Everyone has to start somewhere! There is a lot that goes into preparing for a new (or old) pet and making sure your home is ready. Below are some quick steps that you can take today to make your home more pet-friendly:

Pet Safe Furniture

Acquiring the correct furniture isn’t only for your pets’ comfort, but yours too! Furniture that matches the color of your pet will make it easier to hide the fur or hair left behind. Having durable furniture that can withstand claws and teeth is also a vital consideration. Puppies especially tend to chew on soft surfaces. You can always opt for a couch cover or even get your furry friend their own area to sit.

Trash Cans

Always keep an eye on your pet since you never know what they might get into. Trash cans are usually forgotten about while preparing for your new friend’s arrival. Trash cans are usually a home to unwanted items like old food, paper, chemicals, etc. all which could be hazardous to your pet if they got into it. Small items may become choking hazards or poisonous so consider a trash can with a lid if it must be left out.

Installing Gates

Although there may be a few rooms in your house that you do not want your pet in, you have to remember that your home is their entire world. Installing indoor gates in areas around washing machines, refrigerators, and bathrooms could be beneficial to both you and your pet.

Indoor Plants Out of Reach

Though indoor plants can be fun and beautiful, they won't be so fun when your pet knocks them over and tracks dirt all over the house. Some plants (such as amaryllis, aloe vera, mums, mint, parsley, and poinsettias) can be toxic to your furry friend. Even simply drinking water out of the plant pots can be enough to send your dog to the emergency room.

Paw Safe Flooring

Carpet is probably not the best option, especially for puppy owners. A lot of accidents happen so constantly cleaning up and treating stains gets old. Carpeting and rugs also collect pet hair, dust, and bacteria which over time can have a negative effect on you and your dog’s health. Hard wood or floors with easy to clean textures and tiles would be the best option!

Whether you are welcoming a new pup into your home or have had your furry friend for a while now, it is always essential to create an environment that supports your dog’s well-being. Dogs bring us endless joy, love, and happiness so we want to be sure to give them the best experience in return. By no means does this imply that you must upend your entire home, however, it’s best to plan your space to consider the needs of everyone living in it!