Pet Hydration Tips from Dog Guard®

It's getting hot out there! Here at Dog Guard®, we hope you and your furry friends are enjoying this beautiful summer season! We have to ask-- is your dog staying hydrated while partaking in outdoor activities?

Staying Hydrated

The beauty of having Dog Guard Out-of-Sight Fencing® is that your dog can spend more time outdoors due to the safety the fence brings and due to the joy your dog will experience being leash-free on your property. With this extra time outdoors, your dog will need to stay hydrated. According to Today's Veterinary Practice, it is common for dogs to suffer from heat exhaustion and worse, heat stroke. We do not want this to happen to any dog!

Dog Running

Tips to maintain your pup's hydration:

  • Make sure a bowl of fresh water is always available to your dog. Dogs can usually monitor their own thirst and will frequent the bowl as much as needed. Be certain that the bowl cannot be easily tipped over. It's best to find a bowl with a heavy bottom and a no-slip grip.
  • Many dogs love ice. Adding ice to the bowl can be an easy way to keep the water cool and to entice your dog to continue drinking. Want to make it even more enticing? Make ice cubes out of low sodium chicken broth for a special treat!
  • Remember to take fresh water and a dish with you when leaving the house with your dog. Here is a link to a great portable dog dish!
  • Make sure that your dog has access to shade, which will help regulate body temperature.
  • Purchase a wading pool for your pup. Dogs who love the water will enjoy getting cooled off in their own personal pool.
  • Note that, according to Pet MD, dogs need at least one ounce of water (1/8 cup) per pound of body weight each day to remain healthy, and potentially more with increased outdoor activity. This would mean that your 50lb. pup, for example, would require 6.3 cups of water per day.

In Conclusion

With Dog Guard®, your dog gets to be outdoors more, which means your dog can be more active, which means that your dog will need a constant source of water. Keep in mind that increased activity improves overall physical health, mental health, and pet behavior in general. Dog Guard® is glad that we can continue to provide these important health benefits for your pets!

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