Halloween Safety Guide

Halloween is just around the corner which means costumes, trick-or-treating, candy, and all sorts of activity and excitement. While all of this is great family fun, it’s important to keep the safety of each member of the family in mind--including your dog! Halloween celebrations may pose a few potential safety hazards that could turn a scary, fun holiday into a night that’s just plain scary. Continue reading to learn some simple precautions that you can take to ensure a fun and safe holiday evening!  

Consequences of Candy Consumption

Most of the sweets and treats that we enjoy while celebrating this holiday are very toxic to dogs, some even being deadly. As most dog owners already know, your furry friend will eat just about anything, which includes the wrappers that these sweets are packaged in. Treats such as chocolate, chewy candies and gum, hard candies, raisins, caramel apples, candy corn, and any item that contains the ingredient xylitol are particularly harmful to dogs. Consider storing any of these goodies in a locked or high cabinet that even the most industrious and athletic dogs can’t get their paws on. While we realize how difficult it is to say no to those puppy eyes, try whipping up a dog-friendly Halloween treat instead, so they can join in on the fun too. Check out our Homemade Dog Treat Recipes for Fall blog for some inspiration and ideas perfect for the occasion!

Decoration Dangers

Since this holiday is primarily celebrated at night, the increased use of candles and battery-operated decorations can pose a threat. Like candy, it’s best to keep the battery-operated toys and decor high up and out of reach, as they can be chewed or ingested resulting in an emergency vet visit. Other decoration risks include electrical cords that can cause an electric shock, fog machines that produce toxic solutions, and glow sticks with a similar toxic solution that some dogs might mistake for chew toys. This Halloween, keep an eye out for wagging tails and sniffing noses that could land on flames and cause an injury and/or burn.

Stirred Up Stress  

As we return to our pre-pandemic holiday traditions, it’s important to prepare for a rise in neighborhood activity and the potential stress and/or anxiety this could cause for your dog. Whether it’s the constant ringing of the doorbell from trick-or-treaters, passing people in costumes on your evening walk, or even scary sound machines set up on your neighbor’s lawns, there are many things that could overwhelm your dog during this holiday. Be sure to watch for signs of stress in your furry friend and know how to calm them down.

Safety First

Opening and closing the door to greet trick-or-treaters increases the chance that your pup will slip out unnoticed. Ideally, it’s best to keep your dog in a safe room away from the door. If this isn't possible, and your dog does slip out, proper identification can help with a quick and happy return home for a lost dog. Before the holiday festivities begin, double check that their collar and ID tag are all secure and up to date.

Halloween is a fun and exciting time and is best enjoyed when the whole family is safe, happy, and healthy. Keep these tips and precautions in mind as the holiday gets closer so that your dog can safely have fun. We wish you and your dogs a safe and Happy Halloween!

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