Dog-Proofing Your Yard

If you have Dog Guard Out-of-Sight Fencing®, congratulations! Your pets are free to roam about the yard! With that freedom comes a responsibility to make sure that your yard is safe for your furry family members. Just as you might "child-proof" your home, you should also dog-proof your property.

Here are some tips to optimize your pets' safety in their outdoor spaces.

Install the Best Boundary

A secure yard enclosure is the number one way to keep your pets safe. A fence not only gives your pets freedom to run and play, but it also ensures that your animal companions won't run off or get lost. If you're reading this blog, you most likely have Dog Guard®, and this important safety precaution of creating a boundary for your dog is already done! If you do not yet have Dog Guard®, click HERE to find a dealer near you.

Plant with Pets in Mind

Be mindful of plant toxicity as well as the fertilizers, pesticides, or weed killers that you might use on your plants and lawn. Read labels and seek out pet-safe products. Some dogs are known to eat grass and chew mulch; so make sure you are using natural or non-toxic materials.

Many pets have a tendency to chew bushes, plants, and flowers-- which can be difficult to digest at least and fatal at worst. Here is a list to guide you in purchasing the appropriate, safe plants for your pets' playground.

Additionally, you may want to invest in more hardy plants for higher energy dogs who may be rough on delicate flowers. Sturdy vegetation with soft foliage is best. Examples of this include lilac, artemisia, and canna, to name a few.

Less Mess is Best

If your dog is left to his own devices in the yard with nothing to do but dig and destroy, that's exactly what he just might do! Make sure you have other forms of activity or entertainment available for your dog such as a treat-packed Kong® toy or a sturdy rope to chew on. Some dog owners even incorporate ramps and obstacle courses to keep Fido busy. Simply spending time with your dog in the yard by throwing a ball or frisbee can keep him occupied and will expel some energy, minimizing the digging and mess-making.

The main concern when it comes to messes is certainly keeping your yard clean of doggy "business." Before you let your pet run freely in your yard, try taking him on a walk. Don't forget the baggies!

Shade and Water

Pet-proofing includes looking out for the total safety of your pets. This means that there should always be a place for your dog to relax in the shade. It also means that you should always have water available. To learn more about the importance of pet hydration while your dog enjoys time outdoors, click here to read another informative blog from us at Dog Guard®.

Good News!

Your backyard is probably more hygienic than the local dog park, and with a few simple steps can be the number one safest place for your furry friend. With a few precautions and mindful planning, your yard can be a safe, exciting, and comfortable place for your dog. And, as always, we are here for you with any questions, particularly if it has to do with the number one way to pet-proof your outdoor area: a fence! Contact us any time.