Dog Guard® Can Help Keep Your Dog Calm!

Keeping your dog active is one of the most beneficial ways to make sure your dog remains calm throughout the day. Sometimes, just going for a walk isn’t enough! With the help of Dog Guard®’s electronic dog fencing system, you can ensure your furry friend gets all the exercise they need. A fenced yard provides boundaries in which your dog can play and unwind. This will help you relax, too, knowing that your dog is safe in your yard.

Get Extra Energy Out

Are you tired of your dog jumping on people when they walk in the door? Excess energy can turn into overstimulation and anxiety. Burning off this excess energy in the backyard with your Dog Guard® underground fence will keep your dog at ease. Your pup will be less likely to jump up on your guests when their hyperness and anxieties are released. There are many mentally stimulating games that you can play outside! Try frisbee and test your dog’s agility by throwing it a little higher each time. After your dog has been tired out, they are more likely to remain calm throughout the day, and you will have both been able to get some exercise in!

Beat the Boredom

Making sure your dog gets enough exercise will keep them healthy and limber, while reducing behavior problems. When dogs are tired out, they are less likely to engage in boredom behaviors such as chewing, licking, digging, and barking. The poor behavior you may witness in your dog could also be linked to anxiety. Outdoor play will keep your pup calm and relaxed.  Not to mention, a well exercised dog is less likely to destroy your furniture!

Exploring Their Environment

By installing a Dog Guard® underground fencing system, this will give your pet room to get acclimated to their environment. Exploring their territory allows them to feel more confident and comfortable. It also helps their self-esteem and mental health due to socialization. With that being said, your dog’s anxieties will lessen, and they will remain calmer throughout the day and into the night.

Aggressive on a Tether

The Humane Society recommends not continually chaining or tethering up your dog. With our Out of Sight® fencing system, your dog is free to roam. Leaving your furry friend on a chain or tether for long periods of time can have lasting emotional and physical effects. Your dog can become anxious or aggressive, develop a sore or raw neck, and be more vulnerable to attacks and getting tangled while tethered up.

Making sure your dog gets regular exercise can do wonders for their overall health. Additionally, when they get enough outdoor play, dogs are less likely to cause any trouble since they will simply be too tired to do so! With Dog Guard®’s help, making sure your dog stays active is a breeze. Outdoor play lowers stress, boosts immunity, and reduces your pup’s anxiety.

However, if you leave your dog outside to run around, make sure the temperature is appropriate, they have fresh water, shade, and a few toys.  Remember, a tired pup is a well behaved pup!

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