Adopting a Shelter Dog

Do you know that October is Adopt a Shelter Pet month? Do you know that the first week of November is National Shelter Pet Appreciation week? Do you know that you can save a life by adopting a pet from a local animal shelter?  Have you ever considered adopting a dog from a shelter?

You Might Be Their Only Chance

All the pets at shelters are in need of a second chance, and you can provide that for them. These dogs and cats have been lost, given up, or abandoned, and for reasons that are no fault of their own. At the time they are dropped off at the shelter, these animals are unwanted and helpless, but you can change that. You have the opportunity to provide a loving home to an animal who will become a part of your family in no time.

Prevent Overpopulation

Sadly, there are not enough homes for all the animals that are born every year. Adopting from a shelter helps weaken the pet overpopulation cycle. According to Zebra's Pet Adoption Statistics, 6.5 millions animals enter US shelters each year, but only half are adopted. The solution for some is euthanization.

Advantages to Adult Dogs

While puppies are often available, it is most common to see dogs who are over a year old at your local shelter. Adult pets are great! Often they are already house trained and many have even been trained with commands such as “sit” or “stay.”  Additionally, when adopting an adult, you won’t have to deal with the puppy or kitten phase which means less of that youthful energy stage. When you visit the shelter and spend time with the dogs, you will be able to see the personality of the adult animal and won’t have to wait to see what you get.

Shelter Dogs Are Often Healthier!

All animals that come to the shelter are admitted by experienced staff. They are given vaccinations upon arrival and go through a behavior screening process. An added bonus can be that there are many "mutts" in shelters. Mixed breeds have been found to have less health issues than their purebred friends. Mixed breeds also tend to live longer due to greater genetic diversity. (As this can be a touchy topic between dog owners, please look to the data found from The Institute of Canine Biology for further study.)

Are you Ready to Rescue?

If you are financially stable enough to support a living creature, have enough space for the pet to be comfortable, and all other living creatures in the house (other pets, children, adults) are willing to add an animal into the mix, then you might be ready to rescue a dog from a shelter! is a great resource to locate one of the 14,000 shelters across America. Once you have decided to make this change and bring a loving companion home, your next step is to contact Dog Guard® to ensure your new friend's safety and protection.