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Training and Raising a Dog in New Mexico

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, New Mexico is one of the top pet-owning states in the U.S., only bested by Arkansas as of 2013. Plus, New Mexico has some of the most beautiful outdoor scenery you’ll find anywhere in the country. Add those two factors together and it’s no surprise that many New Mexico pet owners want to give their pets plenty of space to freely and safely play outdoors. In fact, creating a safe and enclosed outdoor play area for your pet is a major step toward creating a healthy and fun environment for a growing pup. At Dog Guard, we believe that an electric pet fence can go a long way toward training and caring for a happy and well-adjusted dog.

Given the range of environments in New Mexico, from wide-open rural areas to urban communities, it’s no surprise that dog owners have varying needs for their pets. To accommodate the particular local landscape, many New Mexico residents opt for a wireless dog fence, also known as an underground, out-of-sight, or hidden fence. NM residents can use these fencing systems to make any landscape into a pet-friendly domain. Whether you live in downtown Santa Fe or in open desert country, you’ll want to keep your pet safe from hazards such as traffic, hunters, and predatory wild animals. Plus, giving your pet a well-defined sense of their own territory is central to preserving a dog’s mental and physical health.

Dog Guard out-of-sight fencing is committed to simplifying this process so you can easily pick out the right system for your pooch. By opting for an electric fence, NM dog lovers can create a safe play space for any breed of pet and for dogs with any type of personality. Traditional fencing can be expensive, especially if you need to work around oddly shaped garden areas or property lines. By contrast, with an electric fence, New Mexico dog lovers can draw the line exactly where they need it. In comparison with traditional fences, Dog Guard out-of-sight fencing offers an alternative that’s aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective, and easy to install.

Take a visit to the local animal shelter and it’s hard to resist the temptation to carry a pooch home in your arms. However, creating a loving home for your new family member can take a bit more planning than some first-time pet owners anticipate. According to most dog-training experts, providing ample space to roam is one key factor toward a happy household for a pet. While simply erecting a fence may appear to be the most obvious solution, many people are surprised just how large and sturdy of a fence is required to keep larger or more adventurous breeds within safe bounds. By contrast, with an electric dog fence, NM homeowners can create a foolproof boundary with far less effort.

For dog-lovers, one primary consideration is whether electric fencing will provide safe and humane protection for their beloved pets. Dog Guard is dedicated to creating the most reliable and gentle system possible. As you can learn in any dog obedience class, a clear sense of boundaries is vital to a dog’s health and happiness. Dog Guard fencing systems come with three distinct collar receiver models. The system delivers a gentle corrective pulse to your dog whenever it crosses the boundary you have set up. When you buy a wireless fencing system from Dog Guard, you can purchase exactly the right model for your particular pup. As a result, you needn’t worry about the feedback being too light or too intense. In most cases, this personalized system means that each dog learns to recognize the yard’s boundaries after only two or three corrections.

With an electric fence, New Mexico dog lovers can seamlessly integrate their dog’s satisfaction into their own lives and households. If you live in a private community with highly circumscribed homeowner bylaws, an electric fencing system removes the problem of unsightly fencing. On the other hand, if you reside on a secluded ranch in the midst of New Mexico’s gorgeous scenery, an electric dog fence will let you enjoy the surrounding natural beauty without any eyesore in the way. Best of all, the fencing system will let your pet enjoy the natural landscape, too.