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Training and Raising a Dog in Nevada

If you are a loving pet owner in Nevada, you likely understand that keeping your beloved pet safe and being a responsible caretaker are two difficult but rewarding jobs. One of the best things you can do for your dog is to train it to make sure that it doesn’t run off from home. Considering the dangers of the world we live in and the likelihood that your dog may want to run off occasionally, training your dog to stay is an important aspect of taking care of your pet. If you allow your pet to roam around aimlessly, it can easily be hit by a vehicle or get lost.

The most important thing to keep in mind when you begin training your dog is to understand that its behavior won’t change overnight. No matter what command you give your dog, it won’t understand the command if you don’t practice it as often as possible. Make sure you switch up the commands you teach as well. For example, a lot of owners practice teaching their dogs to sit, but how many of us teach them to come? Practicing a variety of commands will make your dog a more well-rounded loyal companion. Use treats to reward your dog when it does well, but don’t overdo it. Otherwise, it will expect treats for every little thing it does. Also, teach your dog to come in various increments, in different situations and when it’s on the leash and off. If your dog maintains an unreliable state of action, keep it on the leash often when you’re outdoors with it. This is a great time to use commands.

When training your dog, keep in mind that it looks up to you tremendously as its owner and caretaker. Dogs in the home are intended for the family to love and care for, not to order around constantly. To keep your dog as happy as you possibly can, make sure to incorporate lots of fun activities. The level of activity needed for each dog is slightly dependent on the breed of dog; however, we can all agree that they each need love and care. With a few simple tricks for training, your dog will be the perfect companion.

If you still have trouble training your dog, you may want to look into the purchase of a wireless fence. Here at Dog Guard, we can offer this to you with our services.

When you want to allow your dog more freedom outdoors but perhaps have trouble keeping it inside the realm of your yard, you could consider an electric fence. NV dog owners will love this technology because without the hassle of putting up a regular fence in your yard, you can allow your yard to appear more inviting but still keep it safe for your rambunctious dog. You will find that with this wirelss pet fence, Nevada dog owners won’t have to worry about their dogs trying to dig holes underneath and escape, as they tend to do with regular fences. With our hidden fence, NV will remain as dog-friendly as possible.

Our pet fence stands out from others because we love making any pet’s life safer and more enjoyable, and our wireless dog fence makes that possible. The out-of-sight fence uses a radio transmitter signal that will keep your pet from stepping outside the boundaries of your yard. Our team installs a small wire underground that is undetectable from the surface, and flags are set up around the perimeter of the yard where you will find the boundaries of the hidden fence. NV dogs will sport a receiving collar that works in connection with the transmitter and gives off a stimulation when the dog gets near the boundaries. When your dog gets closer, a stronger stimulation occurs that lets the dog know that it must not step any further. The stimulation your dog feels from the collar when it steps too close to the boundary isn’t enough to harm it; rather, the receiver gives off just the right amount of stimulation in order to alert the dog.

When they buy our electric dog fence, Nevada residents can ensure that their yard is as safe as can be for their pet. Call today to get started!