Why Choose Dog Guard?

People LOVE their pets and love to pamper them. That’s why they spend over $69 billion a year to care for them. Most Dog Guard® customers are professional or retired mid-to-upper income homeowners who want to keep their pets safe on their property, without obstructing their view or having the hassles associated with maintaining a traditional fence. They prefer to buy from a local dealer and neighbor they can trust! That is where Dog Guard comes in.

Benefits to Partnering with DOG GUARD®

1. You are your own boss

Dog Guard Dealers enjoy the autonomy that comes with running a home based business, while also benefiting from the marketing and product support that Dog Guard corporate provides.


The Dog Guard system can be sold in various ways. You may sell Dog Guard as a do-it-yourself product in retail outlets in your territory, and/or you can provide a professionally installed product directly to your customers through your distributorship.


Materials and installation costs allow for a healthy profit on both the equipment and the costs of labor. This creates the opportunity for a low risk start up business.


It is realistic to expect a significant increase in the business after your first full year.


Freedom to set your own pricing and distributor programs that work best for you, your business and your marketplace.


Word of mouth is the strongest and best form of advertising. Every system that is installed will generate referral sales from happy pet owners.


Dog Guard Distributors are “Your Pet Containment Specialists.” With increased sales of undependable retail systems, our Dog Guard Distributors can, and do, service ALL systems.


An average installation takes approximately two hours. Our qualified technical staff provides dependable and reliable support to answer any question you might have regarding the installation process and/or equipment.


For landscapers, fence contractors, kennel operators, pet store owners, etc. this is a great industry related business opportunity.

Start on your successful tomorrow and own your own DOG GUARD® dealership!

Why Wait? Area Dog Guard dealerships with great sales and earnings potential are available now!

Call (518) 687-0030 extension 215 for more information on getting started.

A Note from DOG GUARD®

Dear Prospective Distributor:

Welcome to Dog Guard Fencing, a business company of extraordinary potential. As an entrepreneur, you are wise to be investigating a pet business where consumer appeal is already very high and steadily increasing. The $69 billion-dollar-a-year related industry has experienced a growth rate of over 20% annually for the past twenty-eight years. Many of our dealers across the country will tell you that Dog Guard promises unlimited success.

An entrepreneur, by definition, is anyone who owns, launches, manages and assumes the risks of an economic venture; in other words, a very special breed of leader whose ultimate reward is to conquer challenges and fulfill dreams. However, to earn the right to be called an entrepreneur, you must do more than just dream of owning your own business – you must take action! For many of you who are already entrepreneurs, you know just how important this action principle is towards success.

Whether you are ready to realize your dream, or are interested in expanding your current business, we believe your day to take action has arrived! With a market recognized both nationally and internationally, Dog Guard is a ground floor opportunity with a proven track record, high earning, and unlimited growth potential. If you are serious about your future, join an aggressive leader in the pet industry. Join the Dog Guard team.

If any questions arise while reading this booklet, please don’t hesitate to call us! We look forward to hearing from you.

Dean Watkins

Our Commitment to You

Dog Guard is committed to creating a strong distributor network that consists of experienced professionals, eager to become experts in the pet containment field. We want to recruit distributors who can extend personalized, dependable service to each and every customer.

As a Dog Guard distributor, you will receive a complete package that contains all the elements of a turnkey business. This includes a proven and effective installation system, technical instruction, and training in marketing and selling. You will also receive continuous support and direction from the manufacturer.

We will do all we can to constantly encourage and inspire you to new heights as a Dog Guard Distributor!

Our Company

Dog Guard® is the manufacturer of a superior line of pet containment products and is a leader in electronic dog containment systems. Dog Guard is owned and manufactured by Sunward Electronics, Inc. of Troy, New York.

We sell our products to distributors who sell, install, and service these products for pet owners across the country. Our goal is to establish a mutually beneficial, long-term business relationship with our distributors.

Dog Guard® has recruited and trained dealers across the country. Our dealers are trained professionals that understand yard fencing and how important it is to have a happy and contained pet.

Our Products

As a result of our attention to detail, Dog Guard maintains technical superiority unparalleled by the competition. All of our transmitters and receivers are tested and hand checked three times during the manufacturing process. All receivers are labeled to include the voltage output result and the last date checked.

Dog Guard’s state-of-the-art transmitter is equipped with three indicator lights which help the pet owner monitor the status of their system, as well as an “audible alarm” which alerts the pet owner in the event that there is a wire break or some other inconsistency within the field.

What Makes Our Product Superior

Dog Guard offers the best receiver in the pet containment industry! From tough-to-train dogs to dogs under ten pounds, we offer a versatile line of products.

A “Lightning Protected” transmitter with a limited lifetime guarantee! This enhancement not only saves the customer the cost of replacement due to lightning, it is also designed to keep the entire containment area from becoming an “active” field* (continuous impulses to the pet’s collar).

Dog Guard’s transmitter has the largest field range (width of signal) of any system available.

We have the industry’s best non-failure rate! Dog Guard is built to operate in all types of situations, including in adverse weather and on lake front property. While many retail products often fail right out of the box, our receivers and transmitters have held up to the tests of time and endurance.

DOG GUARD® Business Opportunities

*DOG GUARD® Out-Of-Sight Fencing® is a trademark of Sunward Electronics® and should not be confused with Invisible Fence® (InvisibleFence®). Invisible Fence® and Invisible Fencing® are registered trademarks of Invisible Fence Company.