To William Drew, General Manager
Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing
Troy, New York

Mr. Drew,

I just wanted you and your company to know how impressed and happy I am with my new Dog Guard fence. I also want you to know what great people you have working with your product. My husband and I met Tom & Cathy Mastrolia at a home show where they had a booth. You see, I work with an association for veterinary technicians, and I took the opportunity to get information for your company. labsAs it turned out, Cathy was the real marketing person. I was so impressed with Cathy and her willingness to help and provide information to me for both on a personal and professional basis. My husband and I thought it would be at least worth finding out what type of investment we would be making, so I called and Cathy and Tom came the next day. Tom and Cathy explained the difference between the equipment and the type of wire that is used compared to same type of fencing from other companies. Then they gave my husband and I time to think about it without pressure. Once we agreed, they started the installation. In about two hours, our “lovely little Lady” recognized the correction tone. Now we are on the next step in the correction training and she has done wonderfully well ever since. This dog has completely changed her behavior when she is outdoors. We no longer worry each time she goes out that she is going to take a run thru the neighborhood.

All-in-all, I am thrilled with our Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing and would and will recommend it to anyone with a pet that needs to be confined to “their” space.

Wanda Campbell
Jacksonville, IL

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