Dogs are a beloved part of family life and Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing, as a second-generation family business, understands this well. In order to give our customers the best product and the best service, we design and manufacture our product through our Home Office in New York and our locally owned Dog Guard dealers around the country install the fence, and support their customers to keep their dogs safe.

Each dealer is a highly valued member of our team as each represents the Dog Guard Brand. Being a Dog Guard dealer has many benefits, including day-to-day freedom and flexibility, low initial business costs, and support from the Dog Guard Home Office. Our priority is to equip our Dog Guard Dealers for success in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Be Your Own Boss

Dog Guard dealers enjoy the freedom that comes from running your own business. Have control over your hours, build relationships with customers and reap the benefits of your hard work – all while having marketing and product training and support from the Dog Guard Home Office. We also provide training for our independent dealers so they are prepared for success. 

Low Costs and Overhead

The materials and installation costs are low and allow for a healthy profit margin on equipment and costs of labor. Overhead includes things such as insurance, advertising, equipment, and wire costs. Because Dog Guard is a dealership and not a franchise, there are no franchise fees. 

The one-time buy-in cost covers things such as a website, marketing materials, inventory, and installation equipment. Dog Guard’s Home Office designs and assembles the products in the USA, allowing you to invest in products you can trust.  

Dog Running

Technical Support and Easy Installation

Dog Guard’s Home Office provides expert support for their dealers. There is a newly revamped Dealer Portal that contains support materials such as a company directory, marketing materials, customer manuals and CRM resources. There are also private groups where dealers can ask questions and receive support from each other. In this way, Dog Guard dealers form a community, offering their time and expertise answering questions and helping each other grow their business

An installation is not an overly technical process and can be learned through some basic training. Each fence comes with a transmitter, high-quality underground rated wire, and a well-fitted collar for your dog’s size. 

Dealer Satisfaction

Every year, Dog Guard hosts a conference for all their dealers to attend, network and learn about the most recent innovations and updates. Recognizing the dealers who have done well is a huge part of the conference. Dealers who made the most sales in the previous year were awarded special ceremony plaques, called the “Top Dog” Awards, to display in their homes or office. Here’s what some dealers have to say about their experience with Dog Guard. 

According to Fred Gibbs, a Dog Guard dealer in St. Louis, “Adding Dog Guard containment products to my kennel business has been a great way to expand my services. I have grown so much that I am adding staff to keep up.”

Gary Agate, Dog Guard of Greater Pittsburgh says, “I love it. It gives me financial freedom to work when I want to work, how I want to work… I have nobody looking over my shoulder telling me what I can and cannot do. I have the freedom to work as hard as I want, to make as much money as I want, and I can go on vacations whenever I want to go on vacations and this business allows me to do that.”

Freedom in Competitive Retail Pricing

Dog Guard’s entrepreneurial freedom extends to the pricing of products and distribution programs. The Home Office understands that you know your customer base and the local market. This gives you the freedom to provide Dog Guard products at competitive prices for your market. 

Well-Known and Respected Brand

Word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising. Dog Guard allows dogs to explore outside leash-free while keeping them within safe boundaries. Happy dogs lead to happy dog owners and a satisfied customer base. Each Dog Guard system installed will lead to growth in referral sales, meaning your advertising just got easier and more dependable. Dog Guard has hundreds of thousands of happy customers that have been using their equipment for over 30 years.

Dog Guard’s reliable brand name and proven quality make it a product you can believe in and feel confident selling. With the support from Dog Guard’s Home Office and the freedom to make it your own business, you can find a successful business venture in selling Dog Guard products. If you enjoy working with people and want to start and manage your own business, a Dog Guard dealership is the opportunity you are looking for!


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