Outdoor Dog Fences

Outdoor Dog Fences & Outdoor Pet Containment Systems

Dog Guard offers many different electric dog fences. Outdoor containment systems are designed to keep pets safe outdoors. These systems are designed so that you can:

  • Prevent both dogs and cats from leaving your yard to keep them safe.
  • Contain dogs and cats in specific areas of your yard and protect other places in your yard from pets. Keep your garden, pool, or pond free of pets that might damage or disrupt these areas or leave unwelcome “surprises.”
  • Install an underground dog fence to create safe play areas where your pets can play without installing unsightly conventional fences that may disrupt your view and create undesired barriers between your yard and neighboring yards.

The Dog Guard T5 Transmitter works with an underground, hidden dog fence in small yards measuring less than 1 acre.

The Dog Guard T4 Transmitter is best for containing pets in yards between 1 and 50 acres.

Choose from different receivers specially designed for pets of varying sizes. We have receivers ideal for tiny dogs, for medium and passive dogs, and for larger dogs that may be more difficult to train.

Our effective wireless system installs out of sight while providing a barrier that will contain your pets in your yard or keep them out of specific areas. Pets usually enjoy the freedom to roam a yard without being contained by conventional fencing, and you can enjoy your yard without feeling restricted by standard fencing.

Installation involves placing a transmitter in a convenient location on your property, such as a garage or basement. Next, a sensor wire loop must be installed underground along the perimeter you wish to create for your pet, either around your property line or surrounding areas that should remain pet-free. The installed transmitter sends a radio signal that is detected by the receiver on the pet’s collar. Any time the dog comes close enough to the sensor, the receiver detects this and delivers a warning to the pet to correct this activity.

One of the biggest advantages of the Dog Guard pet containment system involves the training and support you will receive from our staff. Our team of professional installers and pet behavior specialists will assist and guide you with training your pet(s) to never go near the hidden, underground barrier installed around the perimeter of your yard or in other areas you want to remain pet-free.

You could purchase a pet containment system from elsewhere, but the system you get won’t deliver the same features you would get from our electric dog fences. Outdoor hidden barriers from other sellers are usually do-it-yourself kits without professional installation and support. Our sensors have exemplary ratings, and they will last for many years when buried underground. What’s more, our system features the flexibility you need to design it for any yard, any landscape and any pet. Your pet also won’t receive unnecessary correction from our smart sensors due to stray signals or interference from large metal objects.

If your pet ever accidentally crosses into the special “reminder zone,” the dual zone protection included with the T4 Transmitter will deliver either an audible signal or a harmless warning stimulus to remind your pet not to approach the barrier. You can select from 32 different stimulus levels, depending on the size and nature of your pet. If your pet does not respond to the first stimulus, a stronger stimulus will follow once your pet enters the “correction zone.”

When you purchase a Dog Guard pet containment system, you not only get veterinarian-recommended outdoor pet fencing, but you also have the benefit of our experienced dealers and expert pet training technicians. Contact us at any time for assistance, and our staff will be glad to help you by answering questions and offering guidance. Our systems are comparable in price to any standard fencing you might install around the perimeter of your yard. We install our outdoor dog fences in every yard with our professional expertise, so you can have confidence in the system. We also offer comprehensive assistance in training both you and your pet with the outdoor pet fencing. You can buy with confidence because we offer an extensive warranty on our outdoor dog fences.

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