Onboarding Process

Start-Up Program – The First 90 Days

As your manufacturer, we will work aggressively with you to build public brand awareness.

After contracts have been signed, a Business/Marketing plan for the coming year will be drafted. At this time, we will work with you to identify your sales goals and financial objectives.

Next, we will design a program to achieve your desired results, fully preparing you to confidently sell Dog Guard.

Below is an outline of our training programs and how we will work with you in the first 90 days as a Dog Guard Distributor.

Training is Essential to Your Success

To ensure your success as a Dog Guard Distributor, we will provide you with training in the following four key areas:

I. Company Knowledge

This training program will teach you about Dog Guard from the ground up:

  • Key Personnel
  • Company Image and Reputation
  • Technical Advantages
  • Unique Capabilities
  • Strengths and Weaknesses Versus Competition
  • Company Marketing Philosophy
  • Pricing Policies and Guidelines

II. Product Knowledge

To ensure that you are prepared to confidently sell and install Dog Guard, you will receive a comprehensive review of Dog Guard products, services, and technical components. This will also be supplemented with a Distributor Handbook, which can be utilized as an ongoing reference manual.

In addition, you will receive on-site technical and installation training from our professional Dog Guard staff.

III. Sales Training

We are committed to providing you with the best sales training possible. This means supplying you with the tools and the information necessary to effectively develop lead sources. Together we will work to:

  • Formulate Contingency Plans
  • Devise Milestone Checkpoints
  • Institute Feedback Programs

We will also review the basics of sales specific to this product and your marketplace. Finally, we will provide role-play training for sales, including phone sales and in person sales.

IV. Marketing/Advertising Support and Guidelines

Advertising brings you customers! As part of your training, we will assist you in the design of promotional materials, including:

  • Trade Show Displays
  • Website and Online Marketing Campaigns
  • Television Ads
  • Yellow Page Ads
  • Direct Mail Pieces
  • Flyers

As an on-going resource, we will also provide you with a Marketing Handbook, as well as instruction on how to network with pet stores, veterinarians, real estate agents, kennels, and breeders to generate additional sales.

Although we will work closely to start you on the road to success, we firmly believe that you are ultimately your own boss!

I started to do my research and found Dog Guard and called. I spent many hours talking with Bill Drew and finally made the decision to take on a dealership. After attending the Orlando seminar with my wife Kathy, I am totally convinced that I am selling the best product on the market with a company that stands behind the product. The staff at Sunward is always very helpful and informative.

Aaron Robinson, Owner

Dog Guard of Southern Louisiana

DOG GUARD® Business Opportunities

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