Mini Rechargeable Receiver

Mini Rechargeable

Mini Rechargeable receiver is designed to contain “tiny pets” weighing 1 to 10 pounds.

  • This receiver is rechargeable.
  • The green LED blinks every 8 seconds while the unit is operating and the battery has sufficient operating voltage. When the battery voltage drops below a preset limit, the red LED blinks every 8 seconds. The red LED blinks until the battery is fully exhausted. The receiver operates normally even when the battery voltage is low. If the red LED blinks or there is no green LED blink, the battery should be charged.
  • This receiver is waterproof and has a LIFE TIME warranty provided it was not damaged or abused. Dog Chews are covered under the LIFE TIME warranty. Your Dog Guard professional dealer will show you ways to prevent dog chews.
  • The fail safe feature shuts the receiver down 30 seconds after it has been activated. The receiver will reset itself once it has been removed from the signal field for 3 seconds. This feature assures that your pet will not be continuously stimulated should he become caught in the signal field.
  • The DG Micro receiver provides pulsating stimulus that your Dog Guard professional dealer will adjust to your pet’s temperament.
  • This receiver can be ordered in the encoded mode or in the non-encoded mode; with or without a one-second delay.
  • The receiver in the encoded mode is immune to stray signals and provides up to 32 levels of initial stimulation that is controlled at the transmitter. When the pet enters the first signal field, it will receive a warning tone or stimulation. Should the pet stray into the second signal zone, the receiver will automatically increase to a stronger stimulus. The maximum stimulus can be controlled by using shunts.
  • When ordered with a one-second delay, the pet will receive a one-second audible warning prior to stimulation; if he does not retreat from the signal field, he will receive a stimulus.
  • It is available in two frequencies.
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 1.125”
    • Height: 1”
    • Length: 1.875”
    • Weight: 1.8 oz.
    • Material: Lexan/ABS
    • Probe Spacing: 1.125”
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