I apologize in advance for the lengthy review, but YOU NEED TO READ THIS!! We adopted our dog from a shelter a few weeks back. Long story short, he was surrendered because he was escaping and chasing neighbors cattle. As a result, he had a terrible habit of bolting the second he got outside. The first day we had him, we spent a combined 3 hours chasing him throughout the neighborhood on 3 different occasions. I filled out the inquiry on Dog Guard’s website on a Sunday afternoon, and received a call from Angie not 15 minutes later. From my first conversation with her, I was very confident that this was a great company and was dedicated to helping us AND our dog! Matt came out to do the install and was very professional, courteous, and polite. I asked him numerous dumb questions while he was working and he always took the time to indulge my curious side. When it came time to train Duke, Matt had him off leash within 15 minutes. As I watched from inside, I panicked when he dropped the leash, but I could tell Matt had an understanding of dog behavior much beyond my own. I’ll be honest, Duke escaped a few times the first couple days as he has a serious love for chasing rabbits… He’s 90lbs of muscle, and as bull-headed as male labs can be, so I wasn’t very surprised. Before I could even call Angie, she was calling me to check up on Duke. I explained the situation and she coached me through tips to fix it. Duke has been escape-free since then and is able to enjoy the whole yard! This is SUCH a great company and when they say they are dedicated to making sure you’re satisfied, THEY MEAN IT! I never leave reviews, so this is a first for me. But I felt like I had to share my story in hopes that someone will read it and make the best decision they can for themselves AND their 4-legged friend! The price is more than a store-bought fence, but the differences are vast. Worth every penny for this investment. Thanks guys!!!!

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