Dear Dog Guard People,

testti4This note is to give a shout-out to Don Massey, your extraordinary representative who works out of Goshen CT.

I have had ‘your’ fencing on my western MA property since 1993.  Through the years that original line has successfully contained Cocker Spaniels, Basset Hounds, Beagles, Labs AND a 145 pound German Shepherd.  Not once did anyone ‘escape’.  Your training was always spot-on and geared to each new dog’s personality, a very important reason I think that it was always so successful.  It was never generic, always personal.

As you can imagine in all that time I have had many of Dog Guard’s people out here, either to fix or reconfigure my existing fence and transmitter or to train my constant flow of adopted homeless dogs.

With all that said I have never had such a knowledgeable personable representative of your company as Don Massey.  His expertise taught me tidbits of Dog Guard maintenance and usage that I had never heard of before, all the while complying with the myriad small changes I had originally called him in for.  I suppose at my age, 71 now, one of the qualities I appreciated most was that he is an elegant gentleman, the kind of person I would choose for a friend.

My dogs are the most important part of my life.  Don Massey is a valued participant in their ongoing care.  I am grateful that I live within his area and that you chose to make him a representative of your company.  You can be proud.  He does it admirably!

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