Free Dog Training

Free Dog Training Evaluation and Training Leash

For those who are considering electric fence training as a means to keep a dog from jumping traditional fences, chasing other dogs, or getting into flower beds, Dog Guard out-of-sight underground wireless fencing is an excellent option. We at Dog Guard understand the hesitation that may come along with electric fence dog training for furry companions, as pet owners want their pets to be safe and comfortable above all. To ensure that our wireless fence training will be a perfect fit for dogs of all personalities and sizes as well as their owners, we offer a free training evaluation appointment with your local dealer before a purchase. This 30-minute evaluation allows a Dog Guard professional to evaluate the dog’s disposition before a commitment to buy to ensure that one of our products will be the best and most effective method of electric fence dog training for each dog as an individual. This evaluation also gives pet owners the opportunity to learn more about training their pets so that both owner and pet can co-exist happily without incident. Pet owners who choose Dog Guard products to keep their pets safely at home and out of the flower beds will be provided with information on the product that will best meet the needs of their pet after the evaluation. This information is very helpful in determining which receiver and transmitter will work best for a pet. As an added bonus, we will also include a free dog training leash as part of the evaluation.

Our electric fence dog training products are 100% made in America to ensure quality. We are committed to excellent customer service to ensure that pet owners are completely satisfied with their Dog Guard out-of-sight wireless underground fencing. For more general information about our products and how electric fence training works, please visit our frequently asked questions page. To receive a free training evaluation and free training leash for your dog, call 1-855-672-3647 to schedule an appointment with a professional Dog Guard out-of-sight fence dealer today!

Free dog training evaluation and training leash offer valid only with a dealer appointment.

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