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Welcome to DOG GUARD of Wisconsin . Hi, I am Daren Evenson, owner of Wisconsin Dog Guard, servicing Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota.

I have been a Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing dealer for close to four years. What persuaded me to become a Dog Guard dealer was the quality of the Dog Guard system, which is exclusively made in the U.S.A. and backed by a lifetime warranty. I whole-heartedly support this USA-made pet-containment system because it performs better than any other system out there.

I love dogs and have two beagles. I see firsthand the Dog Guard system at work every day in my own yard, which is also home to some chickens. My Dog Guard fence prevents the beagles from chasing the chickens, who, like the dogs, learn quickly where the safe zones are. My dogs and chickens seem happier not being confined to a kennel or coop.

Wisconsin Dog Guard stands out from the competition by offering a superior product and excellent customer service. My background includes years of experience helping countless customers as an employee of John Deere in both the Maintenance and Service departments. In my role as a Dog Guard dealer, I’m able to share my fencing expertise about everything from chain link to underground systems. I can create and install a custom fence to suit any pet owner’s needs!

I will be there from the first day we do business through the installation and dog-training process. Each customer (and pet) receives hands-on training on use of the system. After the install, I am always available if they need more help with training or have questions of any kind.

Something I really enjoy about my job as a Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing dealer is following up with customers one week after their fence has been installed and hearing how the system has made them believers. I also enjoy hearing how happy their pets are using the fence

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