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Welcome to DOG GUARD of New Jersey. I am Mark Pollard, owner of Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing of New Jersey LLC in Vineland, N.J. I have been a dealer for close to 17 years — since April 1998. I wanted a career change and I discovered Dog Guard in an ad in my local newspaper.

Although I do not currently own a pet, when I joined Dog Guard I had a Collie-mix named Abby. She was the first dog I put on the system. She was great! Occasionally I would take her with me on sales calls or training sessions. In the beginning Abby and I attended dog obedience/training classes so I could learn professional training methods and enhance my abilities in dog training.

I differ from my competition in that I am a one-man show, so to speak, and give prompt, personal service to every customer. I also offer my services and equipment at a lower cost than my competitors. I am able to do this because my business overhead is much lower.

Some of the more challenging installation calls I’ve made have included a few jobs that required some of the wire be installed in a lake or pond. My customers provided the boat and I attached bricks so the wire would sink and stay on the bottom. I also then set flags by attaching them to “floats” which were attached to a line with a brick at the other end to keep the flags in place.

I enjoy the training piece of my job. I normally spend about 20 minutes per dog when training after an installation. I do not rush and actually emphasize that I am training the pet owner how to properly train their dog. I also offer to return, at no charge, should they have an issue or need my help in getting past a problem.

What I love most about this business is, I hear from my customers, time and time again, how much they love and could not be without their Dog Guard system. I love helping folks keep their pets safe and, of course, I love all kinds of dogs!

Before becoming a Dog Guard dealer I spent 22 years in various management positions, a majority of which were in the glass manufacturing industry. Prior to that time I earned a college degree and served as a United States Naval officer during the Vietnam War era.

I had no burning desire to pursue a specific career as a child. As my career developed I felt that being my own boss and owning my own business would be very much to my liking. Although it was risky to leave my position I opted to do so with Dog Guard, which has been very satisfying and successful. My family has been very supportive throughout my career.

Phone: (856) 691-6461 

Owner: Pollard, Mark
1842 South Spring Road, Vineland, NJ 08361

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