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Welcome to DOG GUARD of Valparaiso. Hello, my name is Darrin Selking, president of Landscape Illumination Inc. Valparaiso, Indiana, and I am the owner of DOG GUARD of Valparaiso, Indiana.

Dog Guard is a pet containment system that uses radio frequency transmitted through a buried wire around the entire perimeter of a property. Your pet wears a receiver on their collar that is activated when they approach their boundary. DOG GUARD of Valparaiso, Indiana is a full service company for sales, service, installation and training of Dog Guard pet containment systems. Dog Guard has a lifetime warranty on all equipment and a containment guarantee.

Our experienced DOG GUARD of Valparaiso, Indiana staff recognizes the importance of keeping your beloved pet inside the family yard. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by understanding the product, how it works and accurate and timely installation of your Dog Guard system. And, we truly love dogs.

Put your trust in DOG GUARD of Valparaiso, Indiana to help you solve all of your pet-containment challenges!

Phone: (219) 465-7200 

Owner: Selking, Darrin
304 E. 316 North, Suite B, Valparaiso, IN 46383

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