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Welcome to Dog Guard of Springfield, Missouri. Hi, my name is Jon Thurman, owner of DOG GUARD of Southwest Missouri. We are located in Springfield, Missouri and have been in the underground pet-containment business since 2008.

Prior to that time, we were searching for a business that would complement our irrigation and landscaping business. After researching the other pet-containment companies in our area, we felt as though there was an unmet need for the quality fence systems that Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing builds. We had the equipment and the qualified staff to fill that need.

Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing systems are veterinarian-approved, backed by a warranty and exclusively made in the United States.

I personally have always enjoyed being around dogs, so the opportunity to help local clients with their pet-containment needs was a natural fit for me and my business. Irrigation and landscaping equipment is not all that different than equipment required to install a Dog Guard system. Transitioning back and forth from one business to the other to offer the full scope of services we provide is almost effortless.

Something that sets us apart from other pet-containment businesses in our area is the stability our company represents. We are not going anywhere, so when our clients need us we are only a quick a phone call away. We also work hard to ensure that our clients and pets receive the proper training to guarantee a successful outcome.

One of our success stories we like to share is a rather recent experience involving a client whose Dog Guard system was installed to keep in two Labs that had been disturbing the neighboring farmer’s chicken houses. The farmer had threatened to shoot the dogs if our clients didn’t do something to fix the problem. They called us and we installed a system within a few days. Now, two months have passed and the farmer is happy and our clients are happy. We were not only able to keep the dogs contained, but thanks to their Dog Guard system they no longer suffer the fate of being chained to trees in the front yard!

Call us today to see how we can help you with your pet-containment challenges!

Phone: (417) 886-5740 

Owner: Thurman, Jon
3328 E. Linwood, Springfield, MO 65804

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