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Welcome to Dog Guard of Southern Louisiana. I am Aaron Robinson, owner of DOG GUARD of South Louisiana, which services Baton Rouge to Covington, Lafayette to the Bayou Regions of Houma, Thibodaux and all smaller cities around the cities listed. Our Main Office is located in Thibodaux, LA. We do have branches in Layfayette, Baton Rouge and Covington, Louisiana.

We became dealers in 2007 and operate as a FULL TIME pet containment company, ready to serve you and protect your pet.

I grew up on a farm and always had a love for animals. My background prior to becoming a Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing dealer included a number of years working in electrical and technical fields. That experience, combined with just as many years doing horse-training, dog-training and working livestock and dog shows make me a pretty well-rounded Dog Guard dealer. I am designated “PRO LEVEL” by the IACP international Assn. Canine Professionals as well as a member of the ASPCA.

The Dog Guard system allows me to help dogs enjoy their freedom and dog owners enjoy a happy dog. Remember, you will have several dogs throughout your lifetime but you are the only master your dog will have in its lifetime. Make it a HAPPY one for everyone! I hear over and over again from many of my customers that this is the best thing they ever purchased and that their dogs are happy and safe. (See my Testimonial Page).

We are better than our competitors because we provide the best, reliable pet containment systems on the market. Dog Guard systems are veterinarian approved, made in the U.S.A. and backed by a warranty.

Here at DOG GUARD of South Louisiana we take pride in our dependable service, and are always there for you, even after the sale! We have a NO CHARGE for service for 30 days after install for any reason, as we are committed to ensuring that YOU, your PET and our SYSTEM are all working in Harmony to keep your pet safe. We offer free estimates and we do have the best systems on the market. DOG GUARD out performs all the others!

Call Aaron and he can explain how and why!

DOG GUARD of Southern Louisiana
536 Hwy 308
Thibodaux, LA  70301
Owner: Aaron Robinson
Phone: (985) 859-0301

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