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Welcome to DOG GUARD of Utah. I am Mike Seeley, owner of Salt Lake Dog Guard, which has been in business since 2010. I became a Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing dealer as a way to supplement my income and with the intention of eventually building the business into a full-time operation. I have worked with a K-9 Search and Rescue group for the last seven years and have trained and help train many different dogs. I enjoy working with the dogs and watching them change as they learn new skills and behaviors. Dog Guard gives me the opportunity to work with dogs and help them and their owners create a better bond that allows for a stress-free experience for both dog and owner.

Something that sets Salt Lake Dog Guard apart from other pet-containment businesses in the area is the level of service I provide. I take the time to get to know and understand what the concerns of my customers are. I keep them involved in the planning and design process. The job is not done until the customer is satisfied, regardless of how long it takes. I feel that my success comes from taking the added time necessary to not only get to know and understand the needs of the dogs, but the customers as well. There is often a difference between what the customer wants and what they might think is possible. Many times I have been able to exceed what the customer thought was possible and provide an overall better and safer environment for the pet. One of my favorite success stories is about a 12-month-old Boxer named “Sam” who was starting to get a bit too friendly with his neighbors. Sam is a great dog, however, he would chase his neighbors (who are not dog people) into their house. He also unintentionally terrorized girls in the neighborhood. Something needed to be done. We came up with a Dog Guard system design that allowed Sam to roam as much of his yard as possible while keeping him away from areas where he could get in trouble. I returned to Sam’s house three months later to deliver new batteries for his collar. When I arrived, Sam waited patiently to greet me even after I entered his part of the yard. The owners were skeptical at first but now know that installing the fence was one of the best investments they could have made for Sam.

Please give me a call to discuss how we can custom design a pet containment system to address all of your pet’s needs!

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Owner: Seely, Mike
10914 Bay Meadow Circle, Sandy, UT 84092

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