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Welcome to DOG GUARD of Northern Michigan. We are Hidden Dog Fence of Northern MI- Northern Michigan’s exclusive Dog Guard Dealer. We have been a Dog Guard dealer for 15 years

We have a Bernese Mountain Dog named Piper. We consider her to be one of our children. She gets a great amount of love and care and we always want her to be safe. I am sure many pet owners feel the same way, so having a hidden dog fence using Dog Guard equipment is a way to get the safety and security your pet deserves. A Dog Guard Out of Sight pet fencing system can be customized to fit your yard and needs, has a great warranty, will save you money, and — with some training — is guaranteed to keep your pets at home.

DOG GUARD of Northern Michigan
10261 Bates Road
Williamsburg, MI 49690
Owner: Neil  & Molly Morrison
Phone: (231) 941-2367

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