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Welcome to DOG GUARD of Mississippi. Welcome to DOG GUARD of Clinton, Mississippi’s Hidden Fence Systems, Inc. Website. We appreciate the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our product to you. We understand that your pet is part of your family and that you want to keep it safe from the many potential hazards outdoors.

What led me to this profession more than two decades ago was a little baby Chow puppy that my wife brought home for me. At the time, we had no choice but to leave the dog outside chained to a tree during the day when we weren’t home. But at night she was a house dog and generally slept in bed with our son. Leaving her chained up during the day really bothered us. That’s no way to treat any dog, so I decided to look into electronic pet containment and to try out a system. And I discovered how well it works.

After the overwhelming success I realized with a system installed in my own yard, I decided to found Hidden Fence Systems, Inc. in 1992 and become an authorized Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing dealer/installer covering the entire state of Mississippi.

To date, we have installed thousands of electronic pet-containment systems providing a countless number of dogs the benefit of complete “contained freedom,” as well as freedom for the pet owner who no longer has to walk them late at night in the rain and cold. Letting your dog run and play freely and safely on your property, rather than being chained up and exposed to the elements or enclosed in a 4 X 4 living space, offers them the freedom they deserve.

We now have two Dachshunds; a male and female named Frida and Fritz, who we treat as if they were our children. They are special and each one has a unique personality. Both have adapted to our lifestyle. There is no way we would ever allow our precious little dogs to run loose with all the potential dangers they could encounter outdoors. Our dogs have been on our electronic pet-containment system since they were about three months of age. They’re now seven and nine years old. If they could talk I’m sure they would thank us for keeping them safe.

We are now celebrating 22 years of keeping thousands of dogs of all sizes and breeds safe from harm. Veterinarians have recommended this method of containment for many of their customers’ pets. The systems we have installed range in size from very small yards to property boasting 40 acres or more.

I have been a Dog Guard dealer a majority of the time we have been doing this work. We looked at a number of other systems available on the market only to discover that most were nothing more than expensive toys. They either lacked the ability to cover relatively large areas and/or didn’t offer correction levels capable of containing more difficult dogs. However, the Dog Guard system was, and still is, different. It offers different levels of correction, is made exclusively in the U.S.A. and is backed by a warranty. Whenever I finish an installation, introduce the dog or dogs to the system, and go through the training guidelines with the pet owner, I can honestly feel good about the installation and am confident that the dog will do great.

Highlights of what makes Dog Guard superior to the other systems on the market:

1. Dog Guard is one of very few systems that continues a “Made in America” tradition.

2. The Dog Guard system’s electronics comprise the latest state-of-the-art technology. We operate on two unique frequencies (7 and 10 kilohertz); both frequencies are available to receive digital-coded and analog signals. These frequencies were chosen years ago because of the superior way they perform.

3. The Dog Guard system is the only one that allows you, the consumer, to adjust the level of correction required for your individual dog. This is an important feature built into the Dog Guard transmitter. You won’t have to pay a service call charge to simply change correction levels because you can do it yourself.

4. Dog Guard doesn’t endorse a one-size-fits-all receiver because dogs come in many shapes, sizes and temperaments. Dog Guard offers three sizes of receivers to accommodate an animal as small as a chicken or as large as a small horse. As the receiver size increases, so does its range of correction.

5. Batteries are another important part of an electronic-fencing system. We offer Silver Oxide, or Lithium 6-volt batteries at a price of $13 each; $26 per year per dog is the average cost. The average interval between battery

changes is 6 months +/-. Some competitors’ systems require special batteries, commonly referred to as proprietary batteries, at a much higher cost.

6. Wire is another important part of the overall quality of a system. We offer 2 types of high-end wire; 16 gauge copper strand with a 45 mil poly-coating and 14 gauge copper strand with a 45 mil poly coating. By using some of the best wire available, we are able to minimize system downtime for our customers due to breaks caused by an insufficient poly coating.

7. A pet-containment system can only perform optimally if it is properly installed. We take extra steps when installing a system to make sure that it will work correctly and that it is cosmetically appealing.

8. We never try to sell a system by showing you the smallest receiver we carry and telling you that it will keep your 150 lb. dog contained. Asking you, now won’t this receiver look good on your dog, you’ll hardly notice it on the dog. The salesman knows very well that this tactic commonly referred to as under sizing to make a sale and make you feel good will only end in you having to buy the correct size receiver down the road at an inflated price. We show you the size receiver we feel through years of experience that you will need to contain your particular dog.

9. A true test to determine the success rate of a brand of product you may be looking at is to first make a phone call to one of the local animal rescue services and ask them of all the pets they encounter either dead along the roadside or that they rescued alive, “fortunately”, were any of them wearing an electronic dog containment receiver, and if so what was the name of the product on the receiver. You may be surprised to hear their response. Then ask them if they have any record of a lost dog they recovered with a Dog Guard Receiver on it.

10. The name Xerox is the name of a company and a specific product brand, and is not synonymous with the process of copy technology. Don’t be confused by the name of a product or company. Product reputation and performance is what counts.

We hope that you have found this to be informative and helpful in your decision making process. On what to look for when deciding on which pet containment system will best fit your specific needs. If we can be of service or if you have any questions on anything we didn’t cover please feel free to call us at any time:

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