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Welcome to DOG GUARD of Evansville. My name is Chuck Ellis and I am the owner of DOG GUARD of Evansville, Indiana. I have owned and operated Dog Guard for approximately 10 years. The business was originally bought for my wife, as I already owned a water conditioning company. After taking her on a few jobs and teaching her how to run the equipment, I decided I loved meeting owners and their loyal canine companions and decided to operate the business myself.

I have had many dogs throughout my life and have come to realize that I like some dogs better than some people. I currently have a gorgeous five-year-old Westie named “Daphne” who was rescued from a shelter two years ago. My other loyal long-time canine friend is named “Max,” a 15-year-old Wired Hair Jack rescued when his owner left him at the vet when he was just 10 weeks old.

I once met an extraordinary blind dog named “Buster.” His owner wanted to install a Dog Guard fence, but the challenge was how to train buster to the perimeter when he couldn’t see the flags and only hear the tone. After some brainstorming, his owner and I decided to connect the flags with rope so Buster could feel the rope and hear the tone at the same time. After just six days, Buster was trained. So as you can see, no pun intended, as the owner and operator of Dog Guard, I will go above and beyond for my customers and their dog’s safety.

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