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Welcome to DOG GUARD of Crawford County. Our Official name is DOG GUARD of Crawford County located in Harmonsburg (Crawford County), PA.

We have been a Dog Guard Dealer for two years now. When we purchased our home in 2006, Chuck was determined to have a system installed on our property prior to moving in. At that time, we had two full size labs, a beagle and an English Bulldog, as well as five children at home. The added luxury of not having to watch dogs when they went outside was the selling point for us.

Our nine-year-old daughter, Linda, has decided she is going to take over the business for Daddy someday. She has gone on installs with him and has a passion for animals, the same as her father. She even comes home from school and asks if she could have one of Daddy’s cards because someone she knows has a puppy. She attends the fairs and the shows with him as well. They both have the same love and dedication to animals.

We have six dogs using the Dog Guard System in our home, Cookie – a nine-year-old Yellow Lab; Sadie – a seven-year-old Black Lab; Bella – a seven-year-old Cocker Spaniel; Mimi – an eight-year-old Mini-Pin; Missy, an eight-year-old long-haired Chihuahua; and our newest addition Sassie – an eight-month-old Beagle.

One of the funniest stories we tell while at our shows or during an appointment is how having a Dog Guard System of our own allows us to have our dogs outside at night and how they are able to act as our “Security System.” About three years ago our teenage daughter decided to sneak out of the house after we went to bed. Because the dogs were able to be outside, they detected movement beyond the perimeter of our home and started barking, which got our attention. Upon further investigation, we realized they were barking at our “teenager” sneaking out of the driveway in the dark. We didn’t laugh about it then, but sure do use it as a threat to our “pre-teen” children now.

Even though we have only been in business for a couple years, our continued commitment to the various local fairs, shows and events has made us a household name in the area.

Dog Guard of Crawford County
PO Box 205
Harmonsburg, PA  16422
Owners: Chuck & Tonya Shepard
Phone: (814) 671-2863

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