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David Webster, owner of Alabama Dog Guard, has worked in service to others throughout his life, including a number of years in management and working with a nonprofit corporation on behalf of low-income individuals.

Webster grew up in rural Alabama where dogs were a part of everyday life as pets and working dogs. He and his family have raised Boxers for a number of years, as well as opened their home to other breeds. Becoming a Dog Guard dealer for Birmingham and surrounding areas for the past decade was second nature for him.

Webster has answered the calls of his customers in all types of weather and at all hours of the day or night. One new customer called to have a fence installed after a neighbor told him that Webster worked to assist her late into the evening on a cold day. While still others have noted how Webster has traveled many miles out of his way to provide what they needed at all hours and on weekends.

Under Webster’s leadership, Alabama Dog Guard has installed and serviced installations in the city, on mountainsides, at lake houses, on farms and in many unique and unusual places. One of the most unusual requests he ever received was to circle a school.

Said Webster of the assignment “We had installed the system at the administrator’s log home in the country, through the woods and across the pasture. She called later and asked if we could install Dog Guard at the private school where she worked so that she could have her dog there. I don’t know many dealers who can say that they have enclosed a school. I’ve also done installations that went into a lake or river so that the dog could swim. We had one where I had to lie on my back in a small boat to lay the wire under a boat house. One of the largest ones we have done was around a vineyard so that the dogs could roam and chase away wild animals to protect the grapes.”

Webster’s Dog Guard team includes his son-in-law, Chad Gray, and Robert Hodge, a long-time installer who has been with the dealership practically from the beginning.

Webster and his Dog Guard team are well-qualified as underground fencing installers. Webster took an active role in building his current and previous residences. He has done electrical wiring, carpentry and plumbing work on his homes. Gray is skilled in construction as well as computer technologies, having built a number of websites. Hodge has a background in building maintenance.

“We know what a person’s home means to them and we have the skills to treat it with the respect and care that the customer deserves,” Webster said. “With all types of wiring and systems buried in lawns and enclosed in walls, the homeowner needs someone who is knowledgeable and aware of potential dangers and knows how to deal with them. We have that construction expertise.”

However, Alabama Dog Guard’s real customers are the ones with four legs.

“We have protected all types of breeds from Chihuahuas to Great Pyrenees. They can’t say ‘thank you,’ but seeing them run and play and knowing they are safe is thanks enough,” according to David Webster, Alabama DogGuard.

Phone: (205) 444-3644 

Owner: Webster, David
PO Box 661553, Birmingham, AL 35266

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