Things To Remember

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1.42 Keep the Dog Guard receiver collar on whenever your pet is outside.
2. Keep the receiver collar on snug; if it is loose your pet may be able to leave the property. It is important to check the size and fit of your pet’s nylon collar periodically; as your pet grows the collar size will have to be adjusted.
3. Take the receiver collar off regularly, every night if possible.
4. Keep fresh batteries in the receiver at all times.
5. Have your system repaired promptly if there is a problem.
6. Check your system regularly, weekly or bi-weekly.
7. Refer to manual for additional information.
8. Call your Dog Guard dealer with any questions or concerns.



28• Keep your pet’s receiver collar ON your pet whenever s(he) is outside.
• Keep the receiver collar on SNUG. If it is LOOSE your pet can and will leave the property.
• Take the receiver collar OFF regularly, every night if possible.
• Keep FRESH BATTERIES in your pet’s receiver collar at all times.
• Batteries should be positive (+) side up.
• Have your system repaired promptly if there is a problem.
• Check your system regularly…Weekly or Bi-Weekly
• Refer to manual for additional information and/or call your local dealer.

29• To set up the system and help properly train you and your pet.
• Provide you with batteries regularly and on schedule via USPS.
• Provide you with information written and verbal on how to operate and troubleshoot your Dog Fence.
• Be there for you with answers to your questions.
• Give you prompt courteous Service for you and your Dog Guard Fence

Installation And Training

Check List

Inspected location of transmitter and related equipment.
____ Inspected routing of twisted pair.
____ Reviewed layout of perimeter wire.30
____ Inspected any hand laid (above ground) portions of wire.
____ Inspected any machine cuts and/or seals.
____ I have received and will READ and follow the instructions in all Training and Technical Manuals.
____ My Trainer/Technician has gone over Training and Technical materials with me.
____ I have been informed that my pet’s collar must be removed as often as possible (recommended every night) and that I must inspect for proper fit and irritations from the receiver collar on a regular basis.

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