34“The installation of the Dog Guard fencing system has been the greatest investment we have made in years! The peace of mind it brings knowing that our dog can be outside while we are away for the day (playing golf, shopping, visiting friends, etc) and we don’t have to hurry home to let him out, is a game changer. We used to have to cut our activities short to run home to attend to our pet, not now. He is happy and we are too! And if that isn’t enough, we no longer have to put a coat on and get the leash for that last outing at night or the first one in the morning, rain or shine, we simply open the door and let him out. At first we were skeptical. He likes to chase chipmunks, the neighbor’s cats, other dogs that are walked by our driveway by neighbors. He still chases chipmunks and our neighbor’s cats, but only as far as those little blue flags, which are now gone. Then he stops, turns around and finds something else to do. We are very pleased with the system, the installation work and training of our pet, the cost, and of course with the results we are seeing every day.”

-Jon and Bonnie Bachman
Seneca, South Carolina

“My Australian Shephard loves to run so when I am not exercising him I am glad he can run around the yard freely for more exercise. The fencing system is great!”

Barb, Traverse City

“Thank you so much for our Dog Guard “Out of Sight” fence system. It is so nice just to be able to open the door and let the dogs r35oam the entire yard with no worries. Your installer did such a nice neat job without any damage to the yard. Your training and personalized attention made the transition so seamless and easy. The fence makes it so we let the dogs out more and leave them out longer which is really where they would prefer to be. We’re so excited to have it in time for spring and summer.

Thanks again. Sincerely,”
The Stock Family — especially Gigi & Bruiser

“I just wanted to tell you that we LOVE our new Dog Guard fence. You really made a believer out of us. Gracie, our 2 ½ year old black Lab,36 adjusted to the boundaries very quickly and the new puppy, Lambeau, has “grown up” with it.  This summer has been wonderful having the dogs free to run and play in the yard. They can be outside for hours at a time and we are confident they are safe and having a splendid time. Even the mailman or a stray ball does not tempt them to go outside the fence. In the past, we have built an expensive fence at every house we have lived in. No more, we are sold on Dog Guard. No more fences for us. We only wish that we had done it sooner. Allowing the dogs to have all the freedom they need to run and just ‘be dogs’ is great. They get a lot more exercise now and are more relaxed when they come into37
the house.
Many Thanks”….the Jankowskis, from Medina, OH


“I have 2 dogs and have wanted to have a fence system put in since we moved to our new house almost 2 years ago. I was worried that one of the dogs would get out and run since he’s a tough little dog. We contemplated it for those 2 years and decided to get some estimates. Dog Guard was not only the most reasonable priced system, but our dealer was a down to earth person who talked to us like we were his friends and not so formally as to make us uncomfortable. They put in the fence and made sure the collars fit and that we understood how to train the dogs. It’s been one of the best investments we put into our new house! We love it!”

Kelly, NY


“Dog Guard Fencing has been the best investment for our pets and for us personally. It allows our dogs to freely roam without the worry of something bad happening to them. We have a system at our home, fishing camp, and our deer camp all interchangeable. Aaron’s service and the performance of our Dog Guard systems make our life better 24/7 no matter where we go.”
Carey & Annette Kimball, Houma, LA


38“We started looking for underground fences for our German Shepherd in the fall of 2011. We wanted a good system but did not want to break the bank. After a lot of research we found that Dog Guard was the brand we would go with. Our German Shepherd learned in one
week his boundaries. Corey was there to help train our dog and for any questions we had. Our dog weighs over 90 pounds and this fence keeps him in our yard with no challenges at all. We are just changing from winter to spring 2012 and this fence worked all winter long with
no issues. If you are looking for a fence that works with great customer service I would highly recommend Corey and the Dog Guard fencing system.”

Bill and Janet Van Koevering
Sartell, Minnesota


“Thank you so much for getting our two dogs back in good graces with us and our neighbors. The Dog Guard system that you installed has worked fabulously! Now, instead of jumping the fence everytime they see a rabbit in the park, or a squirrel in the neighbor’s yard, they instead just sit and watch them intently…..sometimes for hours! It’s amazing! I must admit, I didn’t think it would work. It has exceeded our expectations. We have not had one incident with them escaping the yard since the Dog Guard system was installed. The training was surpisingly easy, and the dogs learned very quickly. Thanks so much for the time you spent with us and the dogs. The training methods you helped us with worked to a tee. We are enthusiastically recommending Rocky Mountain Dog Guard to all of our friends.
Thanks again for all you guys have done.”

J Campbell, Highlands Ranch, CO


41“We finally decided to get fencing for our dog about three years ago and we are very happy that we chose Dog Guard. What we got was a professional installation and excellent customer service. The company stands behind the fencing and that gives us peace of mind. Riley’s enjoying his dog fence in Ulster County NY.”

Connie, Pine Bush, NY


“Now that we have our Dog Guard fence I wonder why we waited so long! Our dogs are happy out in the yard…. even our Lab who used to love to chase deer! Dog Guard has been a miracle for our family!”

Michelle, Columbus, WI


“We LOVE the Dog Guard System. It has worked very well with our own very active German Shorthair pointer. She chases birds and squirrels but does not leave the yard or chase joggers down the street like before. Chris was very patient and an excellent trainer. It was simple: Dixie learned very fast. I would recommend it to anyone who wants their dog safe and still able.”

Marilyn & Bill, Woodbridge, CT


“Emily, my Dalmatian was rescued from a lonely life spent in a cage for five years. When I brought her home, she came to live in the house with her new family and had four and half acres to roam. The problem soon became apparent, however, that Emily did not know she had to return when she left the house. Several times, she ran away, got lost and had to be rescued anew. The problem was Emily did not know her boundaries and could get lost or injured if not tied or caged. Her freedom would be short lived if she could not learn to come home. My own peace of mind was shattered worrying about her safety. The problem was solved with the Dog Guard “Out of Sight” fencing. Once it was
installed, Emily learned her parameters within one week. She was only corrected one time and learned to come back to the house every time she went out. She has never been lost since. She still tests her boundaries and gets close to hear the buzz of the fence. She will probably always have to wear her collar, since she has behavior that leads her to seek a vagabond life. Now, I have peace of mind that Emily will watch the house and our family, and Dog Guard will guard Emily. It was worth the investment to provide safety, freedom and independence for a beloved pet. The sequel to Emily’s rescue is that she has taken on a new career as a therapy dog. Emily is willing to sit for hours while visiting and making new friends. She generally gets her nails done, and then happily goes to see the 50 -100 people who fawn over her.”

Connie Craven, Tarentum, PA


40“Remember me? Huh? Do ya? Do ya? It’s me, Shadow, the Beaglador! You know, half beagle, half black lab! I just turned 1, and I absolutely love my Dog Guard fence! You wouldn’t believe how fast I can shoot out of the house when I see squirrels terrorizing my yard! No more waiting for my people to attach me to the lead. I don’t want to brag, but I learned how to ‘do the fence thing’ in just a few days, which totally amazed my people. Why, I only got mildly zapped 2 or 3 times! My mom tried the zapper out herself, just so she’d know how it felt (these humans!). I have been loving the freedom to run around the yard! I hang out with the kids at the end of the driveway until the school bus comes. When they get on the bus, I just sit quietly and wag my tail. Then, when the door closes, I race the bus to the other end of the yard! I’m fast, too! I also can be out there to greet them when they come home. You should see their faces light up when they see me! My people like the way you cinched the wire so that I can’t get from the front yard to the back, or visa versa (rats!). They also appreciated the fact that when it was really cold this winter, they didn’t have to look for the lead, or go out and unwrap me from a tree. We cannot thank you enough for the freedom you have given us. The amount of warm, personal attention you gave us was great. Did you only do that because I’m so adorable? Nah, I have a feeling you give that level of service to all of your customers. Even if they aren’t as cute as I am! We would recommend Dog Guard Fencing to anyone and  everyone who has a dog.

Really, really, REALLY affectionately, Shadow Russell
P.S. My people, Jeff and Linda Russell, want to know if you have a similar product for children? My other people, Ben and Valerie, don’t find that very amusing.”


“I would like to take a minute to tell you all how happy we have been with our Dog Guard fence. We have had our fence for almost ten years and it is so nice to be able to turn our dogs out and know they are secure in our yard. We decided on an electronic fence when we moved here because our dog had escaped from our chain length fence many times and knew putting up a chain length fence probably would not hold her. We researched and decided to go with Dog Guard. We have been very satisfied with the result of our Dog Guard fence and the ease of training our dogs and how it has kept them contained. Thank you for always being available to help when we have needed it.”

Diane Harwell


“We presented a large property with a few troubled spots, they stayed with it until they had it all worked out. I was very impressed 42with the entire job and with its owner. And my Dogs are safe and happy. I now have 5 dogs enjoying their new 12 acres of play area.”

Pat Haynes, Homer, GA

“I live in the country alone and am totally blind. When I got my dog he was running everywhere. I was fearful of losing him. Then Dog Guard 44installed the underground fence. Ben has not left my yard since. He learned the system very quickly and has never tried to get out. I can’t describe the peace of mind I now have, knowing that whenever I let him out, he is right where he should be.”
Tom Morris, IL


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