Dog Guard pics 025At Dog Guard, we’re committed to providing the safest, most effective and highest quality wireless fencing that you can buy anywhere. Every day, dog owners purchase our products and are pleased to discover how top-quality underground fencing can improve quality of life — for themselves and for their dogs. Persistent runaways, hyperactive, or stubborn personalities: we’ve heard all the “difficult dog” stories. With our line of specialized receiver collars and our sturdy, top-of-the-line transmitter units, we make sure that our fences work for every dog out there. But our commitment isn’t just to your dog; it’s to you, too. That’s why many of our customers write to us, not only with thanks for an exceptional product, but because we feel customer service is, as always, our primary responsibility.
If you want the best for your pet, take a look at the wireless dog fence reviews our clients send back to us, again and again. With our years of industry experience influencing every unit we sell, we’re no longer surprised to hear these raving electric dog fence reviews. We are glad, however, every time that our fencing systems simplify life for another dog owner. With our fences, you can stop worrying about “pet-proofing” and start enjoying your time with your beloved pooch. If you’re looking to find out just what you can expect from our products, check out these wireless fence reviews.


Dog or the month

Kathi R. from South Bend Indiana

Our Dog Guard Out of Sight Fence keeps our little wanderer in the yard where he belongs.  He was quick to learn his boundaries and loves being outside and free to roam!



Lisa S from Independance, MO

Bo_8monthsDog Guard has made it possible for us to have happy, healthy dogs that stay at home! Our Golden Retriever Max enjoyed it first, now many years later our Llewellin Setter Bo is enjoying our large 2 acre yard without a physical fence, and he’s a bird dog that LOVES to sprint. It’s a great system, we can’t do without it!



Michelle Nelson from Suncoast, FLDog Guard pics 019

One of our Customers, Michelle Nelson, sent in these photos of her dogs Kasey and Cooper with the Dog Guard receiver and collar attached. She calls them the Beagle Boys of Broadstone and I am sure they live up to that. They do not seem very hindered by it but surely realize their area within the fence. (Michelle approved of the use of these photos, now who wouldn’t!).

Sent in by Karl A. D’Accursio, our Dog Guard Dealer from his dealership, DOG GUARD of Suncoast.



Wendy, Joe & Higgins Merrill of South Easton, MA

To Dealer Tommy Canastra,

We cannot thank you enough for the great job you did restoring our Dog Guard Electric Fence. We truly appreciate all the time you spent (several hours over two days) not only working on the fence, but also teaching us how to train our dog with the fence and giving us general obedience tips. You really do have a way with animals. We’ve followed your advice and Higgins is doing much better!

Dog Guard pics 014Training Higgins with the fence was really easy. He knew to stay away from the flags by day two and was able to be free in the yard, off the leash, by the end of the week. He’s doing great and now we can relax when he’s out in the yard without worrying about him paying a visit to our neighbors. Some dogs are too friendly for their own good!

Most of all we want to thank you for donating your time and services to our family in appreciation for my husband’s service in Iraq. We were stunned when you told us that all your hard work was free of charge as your way of expressing gratitude for my husband’s sacrifice over the past year. I have to say it has been a really long year. You are the first person I have encountered who truly appreciates the sacrifices military families make for our country. Words cannot possibly express how touched we are by your kindness. You worked so hard and for so many hours, we just wanted to tell the world about your generosity. I have shared this story with so many friends and family. Many reacted with tears because they realize that many people go about their lives without taking time to appreciate those who make our freedom possible. You are a rare exception and we are incredibly grateful to you.

We are very happy with the fence. Higgins is happy that we’ve stopped shouting at him to come back to the yard! We are slowly removing the flags and soon only Higgins will know the fence is there.

Thank you again for your hard work and generosity. We would recommend your products and service to anyone!

Connie Brockwell of Sutherland, VA

Bill Tudor
Old Dominion DOG GUARD of Virginia

To Whom It May Concern: 7th Feb, 2000

Heather Cottingham Dog8I am the owner of an 82% Wolf Hybrid. “Shawnee” loves the wooded area around our home located in Dinwiddie County on 6 acres. For a while, he was content to hang around the house, but then he discovered that it was fun to visit other places, especially a nearby pony pasture. Shawnee is a beautiful 70+ lb. 1 year-old red wolf; I only weigh 95 lbs., so you can imagine what we both looked and smelled like after I chased him, tackled him landing in pony poop and dragged him back to his pen. This usually happened before going to work sometimes making me late. When I tired of this routine, ‘Shawnee’ was kept either in his pen or on a leash. This upset me to tears; I felt sorry for him.

My neighbor told me about Bill Tudor and Old Dominion Dog Guard in Petersburg, VA. I called Bill and he came directly out to help me solve my problem. He explained “Out-Of-Sight” Fencing to me and said he had never worked with a wolf but was willing to try. Well, Bill has been so kind and patient with Shawnee and me. He installed the fencing, helped me train Shawnee and comforted me when he escaped a couple of times and I became discouraged. I know Bill has been out to work with me at least 5 or 6 times, and he has called New York several times, so you are probably familiar with the rare difficulty we experienced.

Bill never gives up. He has tried several different correction solutions and he and I both have been challenged by Shawnee (Bill in more ways than one!). Shawnee finally realized why Bill was coming by so often and decided not to be so hospitable to him (no bites, just threats). But, you’ll be happy to hear that since Bill’s last visit about a month ago, our wandering wolf has learned to put on his brakes at the yellow flags!

springerBill continues to check with me and work with me in any way I need him. I am very pleased with Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing and especially happy to have Bill Tudor. He is willing, patient and determined to solve any problem. He is a remarkable representative for Dog Guard and I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that I called him. He is dependable, pleasant to work with, and determined to please his customers and get the job done.

I am enclosing a picture of Shawnee. I know some representatives would be hesitant to work with him. I am relieved to know that he is on our property now, and free to run and play. I feared a hunter would shoot him or he might frighten someone or even get stolen. I’ve invested too much time and money in him to lose him. I love him to death and he is good company as well as protection for me.

My sincere thanks go out to Dog Guard, and Bill Tudor of Old Dominion Fencing. I would recommend Bill and Dog Guard to anybody I know that has a dog (or wolf) and cares for its safety and well-being.

Connie Brockwell
Sutherland, VA

Bill Moore of Tulsa, OK

Dog Guard,

SpookyCory (our older cat) gets “bit” about once every week or so, but has not crossed the line in the last 8 months. The amazing thing is Ping (our younger Siamese) stays in the yard as well. We think that Cory has taught him that he is not supposed to leave the back yard. Karel caught him in the front yard one time last spring, fussed at him and scared him a great deal, and he has not left the fenced back yard area again. A couple of days ago, a squirrel came to play in the trees, harassed the cats severely, and even dropped down and ran along the top of the wood fence before he jumped down into the neighbor’s yard. Ping ran over and looked through the fence and sat there for 15 minutes waiting for it to come back, but never even acted like he was going to go over the fence. I am convinced that they communicate with each other much more than we think and that Cory has convinced Ping that bad things will happen if he crosses the magic line. Ping goes right up against the fence to catch mice etc., and Cory knows he can’t get that close. It’s funny, but so far everything is working fine.

Ping finally started violating the area and it took a DG-9000 to keep him controlled. He is smart enough to get his collar tilted away from the trimmed area (he is smart enough to change the setting on the cat door to let himself out) and we had to use the maximum on him the few times he messed up, but it keeps him in now. We have added a third collar for our third cat (The White Tiger) who was a year old Tom when we found and neutered him. He never leaves the yard.

Thanks again for all your help.

Bill Moore
Tulsa, OK

Karen D’Angelo of Wyomissing, PA

To Bob Reggio
DOG GUARD of Eastern Pennsylvania
Sat, 24th Feb, 2007

IMG_6949I bought a Dog Guard system about 5 years ago from one of your dealers, Bob Reggio, from Wyomissing, PA. Not only did he install a great system, but he has been providing me with outstanding customer service for those years. From breaks in the line and mangled receivers, he always comes through in a flash and is always available, in person. It is comforting to know that I can always count on him to provide me with continued quality customer service.

From a satisfied customer,
Karen D’Angelo
Wyomissing, PA

 Todd Friedberg from Greenville, SC

To Chuck Dubis,
DOG GUARD of South Carolina
Greenville, SC


Thank you very much for sending me the collars. …… As for a testimonial, I am extremely pleased with your system. I have been nothing but thrilled with the protection, service and convenience of the Dog Guard system. My dogs and I have never been happier… Thank you!!!

Todd FriedbergCorgis on watch
Southern Wholesale, Inc.

 Wanda Campbell of Jacksonville, IL

To William Drew, General Manager
Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing
Troy, New York

Mr. Drew,

I just wanted you and your company to know how impressed and happy I am with my new Dog Guard fence. I also want you to know what great people you have working with your product. My husband and I met Tom & Cathy Mastrolia at a home show where they had a booth. You see, I work with an association for veterinary technicians, and I took the opportunity to get information for your company. labsAs it turned out, Cathy was the real marketing person. I was so impressed with Cathy and her willingness to help and provide information to me for both on a personal and professional basis. My husband and I thought it would be at least worth finding out what type of investment we would be making, so I called and Cathy and Tom came the next day. Tom and Cathy explained the difference between the equipment and the type of wire that is used compared to same type of fencing from other companies. Then they gave my husband and I time to think about it without pressure. Once we agreed, they started the installation. In about two hours, our “lovely little Lady” recognized the correction tone. Now we are on the next step in the correction training and she has done wonderfully well ever since. This dog has completely changed her behavior when she is outdoors. We no longer worry each time she goes out that she is going to take a run thru the neighborhood.

All-in-all, I am thrilled with our Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing and would and will recommend it to anyone with a pet that needs to be confined to “their” space.

Wanda Campbell
Jacksonville, IL

 Terry Houser of Rensselaer, NY

kirk-gilletteI just wanted to say how grateful to the Dog Guard dealer in my area…namely Jay and his family. Jay was sent right away after I made a distress call and worked in the cold weather to get my receivers up and running AND, even worked with my dogs. I am so happy I invested in the fence and do not know what I or my neighbors would do without it!! Dog Guard should be proud to have such compassionate and loyal people representing their company!!

Terry Houser
Rensselaer, NY

 Richard Blanchard of Heavener, OK

Hi Dog Guard,

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI just thought I would write and inform you of how good my fence is working. Shadow (my German Shepherd) knows just how far he can go and not an inch further. I recently got an 11 year-old Chihuahua and he has learned if he stays at a certain distance that Shadow won’t come near him.

I have lost many a nice dog to the road, but I am sure Shadow will never leave the property. He realizes once the collar comes off he can go across the road but only with me in a car. So it seems that I have made the correct choice with Dog Guard. The expense was nothing compared to saving my best friend from getting killed!!!

Once again, I thank you very much.

Sincerely Yours,

Richard Blanchard
Heavener, OK

Dog Guard pics 001As you can tell from our clients’ wireless dog fence reviews, many pet owners are surprised by just how much their lives can change — for the better — with an electric fence. Reviews shown here are just a sample of how dog-lovers around the country have benefitted from Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing. We hope you get a small sense of just how our fences make it possible for your own dogs to enjoy fresh air and free space for play. If you have any further questions, our team of experts will be glad to provide even more information. We hope you and your dogs can enjoy high-quality wireless fencing very soon, and that you can leave your very own electric dog fence reviews, too.

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