Pictured from left to right (pre-COVID-19 restrictions): Jeff Gill, Terri Benisch, Brian Benisch and Dean Watkins, Dog Guard President and Owner

Out of all of our Dog Guard Dealers in the nation, Brian Benisch won a Top Dog Award at our annual Dealer Seminar, for being the second-highest sales producing dealer in the U.S. Prior to COVID-19 restrictions and government mandated shutdowns, the 2020 Dealer Seminar took place February in New York. The Top Dog Award is based on sales from the prior year. In response to this recognition, Brian said, “The more nationwide we can grow the Dog Guard brand the better it’s going to be for all of us.” 

Brian and his wife, Terri, had a Dog Guard fence installed on their property 24 years ago. They were so impressed with the product, it prompted them to call the Home Office. By the end of 2004, they became Dog Guard Dealership owners and have been operating their family-run business, Dog Guard of Wisconsin, full time for 13 years. Based out of Lake Mills, Wisconsin, Brian, Terri, and their son work together serving a territory that spans from Milwaukee west to the greater Madison area.

Brian is impressed with how much Dog Guard President, Dean Watkins, wants to grow the business and the direction in which the company has gone so far. He further explained that he loves working with Dog Guard because of their strong Dealer network, customer support, and company accessibility. Brian appreciates how much the company listens to their Dealers’ feedback to cultivate a better experience for both Dealers and customers.

“It’s just amazing,” Brian said. According to Brian, the training is what makes Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing so effective. He stated, “We want to make sure it works. It’s not about the money. It’s about the safety of the dog. We will come out as many times as we need to train the dog.”

Brian, who has been in sales the majority of his adult life, says his secret to success is a commitment to customer service. “Helping out the customer is what’s truly important” to Brian and he values his customer connections strongly.

“My drive and motivation to take care of the customers is what makes us so successful. I put on a sales presentation every year at our annual meeting and that’s what I talk about,” Brian said.

Putting customers first not only is a key to success for his business, but also shows he understands how much they love their dogs. Brian is in the business because he loves dogs and wants them to have the freedom to run and play as they deserve. 

The Benischs’ one-year-old Labrador Retriever, Elliot, acts as a mascot for the business and rides shotgun while Brian works. Brian loves Labrador Retrievers because of their friendly temperaments and intelligence.

“I don’t want to lose my dog, I know you don’t want to lose your dog. I want to help people,” he said. 

To read more about Brian and Terri Benisch and their Dog Guard dealership, visit this article from the Lake Mills Leader: For the love of dogs, Benisch awarded | Lake Mills Leader

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