Dealer Testimonials

Here are what some of our 100+ dealers had to say about their experiences with Dog Guard.

It is easy to say why we have continued to be Dog Guard dealers for over 20 years – a career that allows us to be our own boss, the flexibility to run our lives as we deem best, and working with a company that makes this all possible.

Jock Brakebill, Owner

Dog Guard of Raleigh, North Carolina

Adding Dog Guard containment products to my kennel business has been a great way to expand my services. I have grown so much that I am adding staff to keep up.

Fred Gibbs, Owner

Dog Guard of St. Louis, MO

I started to do my research and found Dog Guard and called. I spent many hours talking with Bill Drew and finally made the decision to take on a dealership. After attending the Orlando seminar with my wife Kathy, I am totally convinced that I am selling the best product on the market with a company that stands behind the product. The staff at Sunward is always very helpful and informative.

Aaron Robinson, Owner

Thibodaux, Louisiana

I added the Dog Guard product line to my illumination business because it is a perfect fit to what we are already doing. We already have the wire laying equipment so the installation process was a breeze. It helps keep my crews busy and has increased my sales. I can offer my illumination customers additional services and I gain new customers that I would not otherwise have. Selling and installing Dog Guard is one of the best business decisions that I have made. This is a great add on product.

Darrin Selking, Owner

Landscape Illumination, Valparaiso, IN

DOG GUARD® Business Opportunities

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