West Virginia

Dog Guard of Greater Pittsburgh
Owner: Agate, Gary
Phone: (412) 287-5820
Email: gary@pghdogfence.com
Address: Pittsburgh, PA 15239 

Dog Guard of Shenandoah Valley Virginia
Owner: Plasters, Matt
Phone: (540) 247-3309
Email: mplaster3@gmail.com
Address: 179 Bucher Run Lane, Winchester, VA 22602 

Training and Raising a Dog in West Virginia

Our dogs are members of our family. We treat them like we would our own children, giving them everything they need to live happy, healthy, safe lives. And like our children, we raise our dogs and train them to be well-behaved, relieve themselves only where it’s appropriate, and not be aggressive toward others. Like children, we teach our dogs the many dangers of strangers or of leaving the yard and wandering too far from home. We give dogs our attention and our love, and we invest time and money into their safety and well-being. Luckily, there are many tools at our disposal that give us peace of mind when it comes to raising and training a dog.

When it comes to a wireless fence, West Virginia has no better option than the Dog Guard out-of-sight fence. Our products are innovative and unbelievably practical; this hidden fence, VA’s best option for underground fencing, is veterinarian-approved and takes the worry out of leaving your dog to roam and play in the yard. With this easy-to-use electric fence, VA residents will love being able to separate their property into zones; you can allow your dog to roam and play throughout your entire yard or use your pet fence to designate a separate, smaller zone, perhaps an area where you prefer your pets go to relieve themselves.

With an electric dog fence, VA residents will have an important tool to keep their dogs safe that stays completely out of sight. That means that the pet fence won’t be an eyesore on your lawn. When you purchase this wireless pet fence, you will get the peace of mind that you couldn’t get with any other fence; West Virginia will never have been safer for your dog.