dealervanTraining and Raising a Dog in Oklahoma

Dogs make terrific pets, but young puppies and other untrained dogs can be quite destructive and even potentially dangerous to people. If you’re a dog owner in Oklahoma, it is very important to train your dog, especially if you do not yet own an electric dog fence. Oklahoma state laws make the owner liable in the event that a dog escapes and attacks an innocent person in a place where that person has a legal right to be. People in Oklahoma also have the right to shoot a dog that chases their livestock. If you purchase a wireless dog fence like Dog Guard out-of-sight underground fencing and properly train your dog, it can help protect both you and your dog from such negative outcomes.

If your dog is not trained yet, you probably want to do everything in your power to curb bad behaviors, but you might not know where to begin. There are plenty of resources out there to help you, but many of them contain conflicting information regarding how to best train your dog. Fortunately, training a dog can actually be fairly simple. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to show your dog who’s boss by being the dominant “alpha dog.” In fact, being too rough with your dog can have negative consequences. If you physically punish your dog over and over again for doing things you don’t like, rather than learn not to do those things, it may learn that you (or all humans) are frightening and dangerous. Your dog might start to growl, bark, or bite in self-defense when it sees you. Instead, you can easily teach your dog to do the things you like by rewarding good behaviors and withholding rewards for bad behavior.

Dogs learn through the immediate consequences of their actions. If your dog does something positive, immediately reward it with praise or a treat. If your dog does something you don’t like, immediately take away something it likes and finds rewarding. If it bites while playing, immediately stop playing. If it jumps up on you to greet you, immediately stop paying attention to it. This way, it will learn that these actions do not result in desirable outcomes. An electric pet fence from Dog Guard works based on the same basic principle. When your dog approaches the hidden barrier, it will receive a correction in the form of a harmless but unpleasant static pulsation. Before long, your dog will learn not to approach the hidden fence.

OK dog owners should train their dogs, not just because it will make their lives considerably easier but because it will greatly improve their dogs’ lives as well. Training can provide mental stimulation for your dog. This, along with physical exercise, will tire your dog out, meaning it will sleep much better at night and during the day. You can provide your dog with the physical exercise it needs by giving it a play area in your yard confined by an electric dog fence. Oklahoma residents should take advantage of Dog Guard’s services by contacting their local Dog Guard dealer. We’ll send a representative to survey your yard and meet your dog so we can give you an exact quote.

You may be wondering how to acclimate your dog to its new wireless fence. OK residents can look forward to specialized trainers from Dog Guard working in person with them to train their dogs. Our trainers can help your dog quickly learn the boundaries of its new play area. We will install flags along the perimeter of the hidden fence, which will be kept in place for the first two weeks so that your dog will have a visual guide telling it where the fence is. It’s a good idea to spend some time each day teaching your dog about the fence with the aid of the flags. If the dog moves toward the flags, it should be verbally chastised, and if it moves away from the flags, it should be praised. Once again, training is based on the immediate consequences of the dog’s actions. It’s easy to protect and train your dog when you buy and install an electric fence. OK dog owners are sure to be impressed with the effective, veterinarian-approved products available from Dog Guard.