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Training and Raising a Dog in Montana

Dogs make great pets, and raising a dog is a rewarding experience. Dog owners bond with their pet and consider them an important part of the family unit. Like any other family member, you want your dog to live a happy, healthy, and safe life. Part of ensuring your dog’s security and well-being involves providing it with a safe space to roam and play. In many cases, this means having to buy a fence. Unfortunately, traditional fences can be expensive and often require routine maintenance. An underground, wireless dog fence is an effective and affordable alternative. When deciding on a hidden fence, MT pet owners can trust Dog Guard. Our out-of-sight containment systems are the best on the market, and our waterproof receivers are backed by a lifetime warranty. For more information or to schedule a consultation, fill out our online form or call us at (800) 865-0495.

Montana Dog Laws

  • Different counties in Montana have their own dog control ordinances. Consult with your county’s Web page for the most updated information.
  • All dogs must have a license and be vaccinated for rabies. A dog collar with a license tag is required.
  • To prevent your dog from escaping from your property, install a boundary, such as an electric dog fence. Montana laws prohibit dogs from being at large.
  • A dog at large without a tag will be seized and impounded, and the owner will be charged with a fine.
  • Owners must promptly dispose of animal waste left on any public or private property not owned by the owner of the dog.

Boundary Training Using an Electric Dog Fence

  • MT dog owners who purchase a pet containment system from Dog Guard will work with our trainers, who will help you develop a routine to familiarize your dog with the boundaries of your new pet fence.
  • We will place boundary marker flags in the ground along the perimeter of the yard. This will give you and your dog a visual representation of the boundary, which will help during the first stage of training.
  • After installing the hidden fence, Montana dog owners should walk their leashed dog in the yard. When the dog approaches the flags, assertively tell it “No” and move it away from the boundary. The flags can be removed once the dog is familiar with the location of the boundary.
  • Training should happen in 15-minute sessions twice a day for about two weeks. Keep in mind that just as humans learn at different speeds, so do dogs. Some dogs may require more time to learn a behavior than others.

Dog-Training Tips

  • Dogs understand simple, one- or two-syllable commands. Always communicate clearly and consistently, making sure every family member is on board.
  • Use the principles of positive reinforcement to encourage desirable behavior. When you reward a dog with praise or treats, it is more likely to repeat the behavior.
  • Always accompany treats with verbal praise. This way, your dog will learn to work for praise alone.
  • Certain behaviors take more time for a dog to learn. In these instances, you can use a technique called “shaping.” This means reinforcing a behavior that is close to what you are asking and then gradually requiring more. Shaping builds behaviors by using small steps to accomplish the end goal.
  • Dogs only understand the immediate consequences of their actions. When rewarding or punishing a behavior, it must be immediate in order for it to be effective.

Why Choose DOG GUARD?

  • We’ve been in the business of protecting pets since 1988, working with thousands of pets and pet owners nationwide each year.
  • Our containment systems are veterinarian-approved and recommended.
  • State-of-the-art electronics allow for a wide variety of customizable corrections.
  • Since each installation is customized, we can also create boundaries around pools, driveways, and other potentially dangerous areas. You could even protect your garden, shrubs, and flower beds from your pet.
  • All of our products are produced 100% in the United States.
  • Our systems come with a money-back guarantee, and there is a lifetime warranty on the receiver.
  • Our transmitters are capable of enclosing up to 50 acres and can handle multiple pets.
  • We personally install your system and work with you to help train your dog within the wireless dog fence. MT pet owners can rest assured knowing they are in capable and caring hands.