DOG GUARD of Taylorville, Illinois
1411 West Maincross
Taylorville, IL 62568
Owner: Dave Hogge
Phone: (217) 825-8057

DOG GUARD of Illinois
Kirkland, IL 60135
Owner: Chris McGuire
Phone: (815) 467-8134

DOG GUARD of Western & Central Illinois
Peoria, Illinois 61616
28181 229th St LeClaire, Iowa 52753
Owners: Greg & Vicki Goyette
Phone: 309-691-5161
Phone: 563-320-9611

DOG GUARD Metro East St. Louis
101 Didion Drive
St. Peter, MO 63376
Owner: Fred Gibbs
Phone: (636) 397-3323

17249 Meylor Lane
Darlington, WI 53530
Owners: Denny And Sherry Crist
Phone: (608) 574-1993

DOG GUARD of the Quad Cities (Rock Island)
3040 Hickory Grove Rd
Davenport, IA 52806
Owners: Angie & Scott Westcott
Phone: (563) 355-0547

DOG GUARD of Missouri & Illinois
17 Junction Drive #206
Glen Carbon, Ilinois 62034
Owner: Fred Gibbs
Phone: (636) 397-3323

DOG GUARD of Evansville, Indiana
1033 Thompson Ave.
Evansville, IN 47715
Owner: Chuck Ellis
Phone: (812) 454-1279

DOG GUARD of Rockford
982 Candy Lane
Machesney Park, IL 61115
Owner:  Timothy Fountain
Phone:  815-624-6161

Dog Guard of Peoria & Bloomington
Peoria, Illinois 61615
Owners: Greg & Vicki Goyette
Phone: 309-691-5161

Training and Raising a Dog in Illinois

Having a dog as a pet is a major responsibility and, for most dog-lovers, an incomparable joy. If it’s your first time bringing a four-legged member into the family, bear in mind that training and raising a pup to be a healthy and happy dog requires a good mix of boundary-setting and TLC. Dog owners in Illinois run the gamut, from city-dwellers raising pooches in the Windy City to those living on sprawling properties in rural parts of the state. Wherever you and your dog call home, setting up a fenced-in outdoor play area can make all the difference to your pet’s mental and physical health.

For ease, affordability and attractiveness, many pet owners opt to buy an out-of-sight, wireless fencing system. Also known as underground or wireless fencing, these units are typically available for purchase for even less than the cost of a traditional perimeter fence. At Dog Guard, we believe that a reliable wireless dog fence can play a central role in a dog’s healthy and happy upbringing. By erecting an electric fence, IL residents take one step toward creating an ideally dog-friendly environment.

As most pet experts agree, training and raising a dog is a complex process that involves multiple steps, stages, and considerations. The first step toward raising a healthy dog is informing yourself about the particular needs of the breed and the individual animal. These introductory workshops are often offered by local animal shelters. In many cases, savvy pet owners also choose to enroll their pets in obedience classes. In these classes, both owner and pet learn the basics about establishing the best environment for a well-behaved and satisfied dog. Many trainers agree that a reliable pet fence can make a valuable difference toward improving a dog’s temperament and overall happiness. A fenced-in area lets a dog experience the fresh air and endless fascination of outdoor play. At the same time, the dog owner can relax with the peace of mind that their precious pet is safe from traffic, hunters, and any other nearby dangers.

With an electric fence, Illinois dog owners can combine the advantages of a sturdy perimeter fence with absolute convenience. At Dog Guard, we strive to create an electric fence IL residents can effortlessly and quickly add to their property. Our fencing systems range from full-perimeter fences to “double loop” systems that give coverage to one, two, or three sides of the yard. Plus, our “pinch off” systems let homeowners install one fencing system to create two outdoor areas, in the front and back yards.

With an electric fence, Illinois pet owners can attend to the primary need of any pet: to enjoy a naturally high quality of life as well as a safe sense of boundaries. Installing an electric dog fence makes it possible for pets to play outdoors, however hilly your property or inconvenient a traditional fence may be. For many breeds, the opportunity for regular outdoor play is vital not only to physical but also mental health.

With a hidden fence, IL residents can also make sure that they abide by any local zoning laws. If you live in a private community with stringent by-laws, traditional perimeter fencing may be impossible. Likewise, many proud homeowners don’t wish to create the divisive and boxed-in feel of a full-perimeter fence. Adopting a pet certainly means making some sacrifices. However, with options like the Dog Guard wireless dog fence and receiver system, you can attend to your pet’s needs without foregoing your own preferences. If you tend to your flower beds with the same love with which you care for your pets, an electric fence is an ideal way to precisely divide up your yard, so there’s room for everybody with no harm to your delicate petunias.

For many caring pet owners in Illinois, the major concern with electric dog fencing is how it works. In line with many highly regarded dog training methods, the Dog Guard fencing system uses a minimal corrective pulse to point out the undesirable behavior. In most cases, the dog only experiences this “twinge” two or three times before learning to respect the fence’s boundaries. At Dog Guard, we ensure this quick learning curve by providing specialized receiver collars to suit dogs of any size and personality. As a result, you can provide safe boundaries for your pet to enjoy the Illinois outdoors.