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Training and Raising a Dog in Idaho

From the day you bring a pup home from the shelter, an adventure begins. Caring for a pet dog is a great responsibility, and for most, it’s a labor of love. Idaho is one of the top ten pet-owning states in the country, with 62 percent of the population caring for a family pet of some kind. If you’ve recently adopted a dog or are thinking of doing so, it’s worth giving some thought to how you can train and raise a healthy and happy addition to your family. One way to safely give your dog space to play is with a wireless dog fence.

For first-time dog owners, many questions may arise regarding the best practices. Finding the best food, toys, training classes, and health care are some of the most common questions. Idaho residents can easily find assistance through the Idaho Humane Society, a charitable organization dedicated to pet health. Well before you buy a pet, it’s a good idea to go over the kinds of items you will need to purchase in advance and then on a continuing basis. In addition to food, toys, a collar and lead, and various medications or vitamins, most dog owners take measures to give their pets an area for outdoor play. Most homeowners have to decide whether to erect a fence or install wireless, underground fencing.

The primary benefit of an electric pet fence is that it’s completely out of sight, avoiding the nuisance of an extra eyesore on your property. By putting up an electric dog fence, Idaho residents can also avoid the excess expense involved in erecting an unwanted structure. When it’s time to move, you can simply bring along the wireless dog fence. ID residents routinely find that Dog Guard hidden fencing is a simple and easy-to-use option for letting their dogs enjoy the fresh air without worry. At Dog Guard, we believe that pet ownership shouldn’t be expensive or complicated. Therefore, with our hidden fence, ID pet owners can rest assured of their dog’s safety for less than the price of traditional fencing.

For caring dog owners in Idaho, perhaps the biggest question surrounding electric fencing is how the system will work for your beloved pet. That is why we at Dog Guard have developed a system that delivers a minimal, warning pulsation. In most cases, dogs only experience this correction two or three times before they learn not to cross the fenced area. Training and raising a healthy and happy dog requires that pet owners set clear boundaries as well as give affection. Many Idaho pet owners find that Dog Guard electric fencing achieves this marriage ideally, combining plenty of free outdoor play space with a clear and easily learned sense of safe boundaries.

At Dog Guard, we also understand that different pet owners have different needs. Idaho homes vary tremendously, but many homes feature unusual yards that really reflect the breadth and variety of the local landscape. Therefore, we design electric dog fencing systems to suit your particular property. Whether you simply need a line of fencing along the roadway or you require a more complex fencing system, we have the unit to keep your pet safe and satisfied.

Dog Guard is also committed to providing the best fencing system for dogs of all sizes and types. A tiny and timid shih tzu doesn’t require the same feedback as a large hunting dog or a breed that really loves to run. For small dogs under 10 pounds, we provide our smallest receiver model. For medium-sized dogs and more timid personalities, our mid-range receiver works best. For larger dogs and those with tough-to-train personalities, we provide a third collar design. For multi-dog families, the same wireless fence can provide a safe boundary for dogs wearing different receiver collars.

Finally, by selecting an electric fence, Idaho homeowners can also avoid any difficulties with local zoning laws. With the addition of a hidden fence, ID lawns are preserved intact without any structural changes. Only the homeowner (and the dog) will know the difference. Idaho residents are a diverse lot, just like the pets they love. One thing they have in common, though, is beautiful outdoor scenery. With an electric fence, you can let your pet enjoy the outdoors and preserve your property’s natural beauty, too.